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That would have been my first idea but he is a bit skittish about being in a canoe this late in the season...he's 72, great shape but I think he really wants to test himself with a backpack again.

Funny, just got off the phone with him. He has ALWAYS been reluctant to stay at a lean to if there was someone else there upon, no issue. Unfortunately he is not going to bring his I'll load up my seldom used SD 3 man tent...Been so long I forgot the name but it looks like my Vapor Light 2.

EDIT: SD LIGHTNING XT3. 6 lbs. I remember when I bought that how incredibly light it was. It is 4 lbs more than my BA Fly Creek and 3 lbs more than my go to SD VL..not that I count ounces. But I think it makes sense to bring it....Figure it would be easier to argue with him tomorrow night than now.

I have to get my ADK trail book out but I assume there are primitive sites along the way to the lean to?

Going to be great! 23 degrees Sat morning. I love this time of year.
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