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Hey TCD,

The topo page should be back up and running. Sorry about that.

You can also check out which should have the location searching working again (though perhaps not perfectly), and look a little nicer with a full-screen map. I've been working on that on-and-off for a bit, and there are some other features I'd like to add back in (like the private land shading, with updated data) which is why it's under a different link, but as you may have guessed these things aren't super-high priority in my life right now...

As for the birds-eye imagery, I didn't do anything special to get that to show up, it just kind of came along with the Google interface I'm using. Unfortunately I have no idea how to get all that data back, because I agree in some places it was very very useful and it's sad that it's gone!

Anyway, sorry for being slow here, and hopefully everything will stay working again.
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