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spidennis 10-08-2021 09:05 AM

What kind of bug is this?!
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What kind of bug is this?

serotonin 10-08-2021 12:38 PM

It's a type of Water Scorpion in the genus Nepa.
Possibly Nepa apiculata.

rickhart 10-09-2021 12:23 AM

It looks to me like a Giant Water Bug:

Nasty bite.

serotonin 10-09-2021 03:46 AM

I believe you are correct, Sir!

We always called them Water Scorpions.
I wonder why they aren't in the same Family!
Guess I'm gonna hav'ta have a sit-down with these Latin blokes,
who've never seen a live one in it's own habitat.

I'll be sure to ask them why they keep messing with the names in my Fungal Kingdom
...and if they ever caught one of these fockers on a fly.

PS> Aside from the nasty bite they share, does yours breathe from it's askhole, like mine...?

rickhart 10-12-2021 12:38 AM

I have no idea. I just hope I never get bitten by one.

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