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John P 09-15-2021 11:16 PM

BBCode won't accept tables
This is kind of technical, but on forums where I have a lot of pictures to post I usually put them in a table, with a caption beside each one. I just tried that in the Paddling section, and it totally failed to accept it. I've posted the exact same code on a different website just to see if it's correctly formatted, and it showed up fine. Other BBCode works here, but apparently not tables. Have I got that right? If that's true, it's kind of a pain, because I have a spreadsheet that helps me make up the table, and it's what I'm used to doing.

Edited to say I just found "BB Code List" and tables aren't mentioned. I seem to be out of luck.

DSettahr 09-16-2021 06:48 AM

ADKForum uses an older version of vBulletin. That functionality may not have existed until a later version. It's also possible that on the forums you've used it that it was added as an add-on- vBulletin has a bunch of community-produced add-ons to expand functionality.

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