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malexander 09-30-2018 07:38 PM

Little Santanoni and Moose Pond 9/29-9/30/2018
I couldn't resist getting out this weekend despite having a minor cold and plenty of chores to do around the house. It took some careful map browsing to find a quiet area I hadn't been to with the bonus of having a HH peak nearby. :D It didn't hurt that it was is an area that would have good fall colors. :clap:

After a copious amount of sleep, I awoke Saturday morning and made my way up to the Newcomb Lake Road trail head. Little time was wasted making my way down the road and then the old woods road on my way out to Moose Pond. I moved into my new waterfront accommodations and enjoyed a brief lunch break. The cool air and changing leaves were very enjoyable.

I made way over to the Ermine Brook crossing then headed off trail into the woods. The incredibly open bushwhack was enjoyable and within 90 minutes I made it to summit under a light misty rain.

Returning to camp I gorged myself on an early dinner. I sat by the fire for a few hours reading and relaxing :boozing: I retired early to get some quality rest. Overnight I was frequently serenaded by coyotes and the occasional owl.

A cool night kept me in my sleeping bag until I was good and ready to start moving. Upon rising, I was treated to a beautiful morning fog lifting over the pond.

My exit was made on the incredibly under-loved trail around Newcomb Lake. On the way I checked out the Lean-to and took a short break to check out the Great Camp. This was where I saw the first people of the trip. :) A future bike ride may be required to explore it more adequately.

Tick Magnet 09-30-2018 08:42 PM

Beautiful colors!

Sucks hiking with a cold, but it can be done.


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