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DSettahr 02-22-2019 10:24 PM

Meenahga Mountain
I was working on Rainbow Lake today and I happened to catch a view across the lake towards Meenahga Mountain- where a state fire tower still stands. I've always known that the mountain is privately owned and that the tower is not accessible to the public- but I never knew that a house had been constructed on the summit. It must be nice to not only have amazing views from your mountaintop mansion, but to also have a fire tower in your yard. :)

(Sorry for the poor picture quality, all I had on hand was my phone.)

real3175 02-25-2019 08:50 PM

Very cool, must be nice indeed...

JohnnyVirgil 03-01-2019 10:16 AM

Man, if they have kids that thing has to be the best fort ever.

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