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forest dweller 09-17-2019 06:13 AM

Dana Designs Arcflex Terraplane backpack...
About 10 years ago I bought a Dana Designs Arcflex Terraplane off a buddy. It has been a great pack - solid materials - "beefy" fabric and buckles and shoulder straps. But the tag on it said "Dana Designs", not "Dana Designs Bozeman MT" so I thought I got one that was made after they outsourced and that always annoyed me a little bit.

Recently I was on ebay and I came across one for $100 that appeared to be in great condition as far as I could tell from the pictures, and it had the "Dana Designs Bozeman MT" tag on it, so I said "what the hell!" and I bought it.

I received it yesterday and I have to say I'm a little concerned and disappointed - my original one seems like a more solid, sturdy pack made with "beefier" materials.

The new one had

* less substantial fabric,
* less substantial buckles,
* the waist belt buckle is not as solid, and it doesn't have the Dana Design logo guy molded into the buckle,
* the shoulder strap padding seems cheap and it doesn't look anything like the solid shoulder strap pads of my other backpack, or other Terraplanes I can find on the internet,
* the canvas / plastic tie down thing sewn to the top of the lid is different.

Now I know they made packs for years and probably changed things over the years, but one would think they'd make the more solid packs in Bozeman and cut corners after outsourcing...

anybody familiar with the Dana Design Arcflex Terraplane who can tell me what may be going on here?

forest dweller 09-17-2019 02:54 PM

Well I just read that there was a female version of the Arcflex Terraplane made?! Could that explain the lighter materials and the kinda sorta hourglass shape of lighter weight shoulder pads? Bad job of not labeling / marking this clearly as a women's pack if that was the case!

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