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OptinO 04-15-2016 04:25 AM

Turkey Hunting Video - WNYA
Its that time of the year, turkey season is rapidly approaching and here is a short video clip to help set the mood.

Turkey Hunting Video>>

Schultzz 04-16-2016 12:02 AM

Better tag that bird soon!

I've heard them gobble to a truck door being slammed. Of course, a hoot owl call at night will alert you to their location which is usually a roost on a hill overlooking a stream as they love to drink early in the am. Love the Spring Gobbler Season.

St.Regis 04-19-2016 02:32 PM

Great video! :thumbs: This should also be posted in the hunting/fishing section.

bioguide 04-19-2016 04:16 PM

Nice video... I've been surprised to see 2 - 3 different flocks up by Indian and Lowes Lake. Is that something relatively new over the past several years?

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