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ADK_Dreamer 08-31-2012 02:10 PM

Cover Photo Request for Music Book
Hi Folks,

I have just published my first collection of music, entitled the 'Adirondack Suite', which is a collection of 8 piano pieces.

I am looking for a stunning landscape photograph to be my cover photo for the book, and I don't have a great collection of my own photos to choose from.

Considering the titles of my pieces, I would be interested in the following shots:

1) Reflective water photo of the 'Old' Marcy Dam;
2) Views from Cascade mountain in any direction;
3) The Seward range;
4) Lake Tear of the Clouds;
5) Rainbow Falls.

I've tried google images, but I often find the good shots are thumbnails only or have a copyright.

If anyone would be happy to part with a photo, I will give you credit on the inside front cover of my book!

Hope I'm not breaking any forum rules here, and thanks for helping me out!

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