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AvalanchePass 08-13-2017 06:24 PM

GraphHopper won't route Coney Mountain
Hi TrailBoss (again :) )

I realize Coney is outside of the area you're focusing on but thought you could likely provide some insight.

GraphHopper (and consequentially RideWithGps) will not route the trail up Coney Mountain (neither in Hike or Walk Profile).

bRouter routes the trail without issue.

Any thoughts on what might be going on there?


Trail Boss 08-13-2017 07:25 PM

Hey! You're supposed to be hiking! Otherwise tcd will think all we do is tool around with routing engines and never actually set foot on the trail! :)

I've done my part today and explored the Southside Trail, hiked to Big Slide, and bushwhacked down Bear Brook to explore a designated campsite.

So. There were several errors with the trail to Coney Mountain. I'm not sure which one may have caused a problem for GraphHopper. I've fixed all of these:
  • The trail was tagged as a "footway". It shouldn't have affected GraphHopper but that's what you call a trail in city park. The kind of trails we have in the Adirondacks are called a "path".
  • There was a road drawn from the highway to the parking area. However, it was invisible on the map because it was incorrectly tagged as a "line" (which is meaningless). It's now a "service road".
  • The service road didn't connect with the highway or the trail. When you zoomed in you could see the road failed to actually connect with route 30 and the trail.

I also named the trail and the parking area.

Give my changeset some time to take effect (when the service road becomes visible in OSM) and then try routing again with GraphHopper.

rickhart 08-13-2017 11:29 PM

If discussion of this software continues, one of our esteemed members may have to change his handle. Master GraphHopper?

AvalanchePass 08-15-2017 09:48 AM

The link in post #1 shows that GraphHopper now routes the trail. Thanks.

Although the link is static, the route renders in real time. So fixing the trail changed the result produced by the link.

Another interesting example of benefits produced by your work on OSM. There must be many other static links out there that morph when the underlying map is modified.

It makes me reconsider my routing approach. As I come up with a plan for our 46 (and many other hikes) I save the routes in RideWithGps.

However, some of the hikes I've routed are still years away. The map RideWithGps saves is static. By the time we do a specific hike the map may be "out of date" because the OSM data has improved.

But saving static links to GraphHopper would produce routes that would render in real time based on the current OSM data. I think I'll keep routing with RideWithGps because of all its great features but it's an interesting thought.

Edit: RideWithGps still will not route the trail. So although RideWithGps uses GraphHopper it won't be able to route until it adopts the new OSM data.

Trail Boss 08-15-2017 10:33 AM

Shortly after my changeset took effect, OSM showed the service road and properly connected highway and trail. However, both GraphHopper and BRouter continued to refuse to route along it. This leads me to believe that they use a cached version of OSM's routing information as opposed to the "live map". For example, I still can't get BRouter to just route along the service road. Therefore it may take several days (or longer?) before they refresh their data.

I suspect the same is true for RideWithGPS; it won't route along the changes I made until they refresh their routing data from OSM.

Another example of "refresh time" is Caltopo. Their MapBuilder overlay shows trails sourced from OSM. They can route along these trails (but I don't know which routing engine they use). However, I've noticed Caltopo doesn't update the trail data very frequently (from what I've seen over the past year, maybe just 2 or 3 times per year).

AvalanchePass 08-15-2017 11:19 AM

If I understood my conversation with RideWithGps correctly, they update their OSM data once a month (which seems adequate to me).

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