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LaFrench 08-14-2013 11:12 PM

Tent Sites Between Long Lake and Henderson Lake?
Hi everyone. My wife and I will walking the last section of the NPT during the last week of September (diverting off to finish at ADK Loj via Indian Pass rather than Moose Pond). We are planning to take three nights, and will not be utilizing lean-tos in order to ensure a greater level of privacy/solitude. This is our first trip into the Adirondacks and we aren't sure what to expect as far as finding tent sites along the way; it seems as if the majority of people stay at LTs. I'm not necessarily looking for specific campsite recommendations, but any advice as to general areas that have decent (legal) tent sites along the route would be greatly appreciated. Our rough plan (based on ~10 miles per day) has been to stop at the far end of Long Lake in the vicinity of Plumley Point, somewhere near the Cold River beyond Millers Falls, and then in the Henderson Lake area. I've read suggestions that Shattuck Clearing has nice tent sites, though that seems like too far to try and reach on Day 1.

Thanks for your advice.

dundee 08-15-2013 05:12 AM

That time of year is rather quiet on the NP. I've done it four times as a thru trip and several others in sections. In all this time I think I have shred a lean-to about five times. You can sometimes go days w/o seeing anyone.

Shattuck does have some good tentsites, but might be a stretch for Day 1. Plumley's sounds a bit better.

10 miles/day is a nice goal. Far enough to get your mileage in, but it also allows you to enjoy the trail and hang out at the end of the day.

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