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Keithk 08-25-2021 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by MTVhike (Post 286971)
Does anyone know what's going to happen at the Tupper end? I was there last week and at the station, there is no change (of course, that's where the train is still planned to go). I drove north to the end of Washington Street, which is next to the railroad, and could see some work on the roadbed. Of course, the planners need to accommodate both the bikers (and snowmobilers), as well as the train in that area. As an aside, the docent at the Historical Society, which is housed in the train station, said that the rail trail is going from Lake Placid to Saranac Lake (!).
At the St. Regis Outfitters, in Floodwood, the rail trail seems to be complete, with a complete layer of course ballast, perhaps bikeable with a fat tire bike.

None of the trail is complete at this point- believe it or not, itís not even scheduled to be finished by this time NEXT year (which in and of itself is a discussion for another time).

The trail does indeed run from LP through SL all the way to TL. The LP-SL portion will likely see the highest use, but I expect many people will enjoy the full length as well.

For a time there had been talk of paving the LP-SL portion, and doing crushed stone dust the rest of the way. I may be wrong, but I think the entire length is now going to be stone dust?

As a biker, Iím fine with that honestly. Stone dust makes a great surface and isi easier to maintain- an experienced rider would have no trouble even riding a road bike on it.

As for the Tupper RR station, theoretically they (TL] get the best of both worlds, with the trains and trail both ending at the nice station. Personally, I donít think weíll ever see consistent tourist train service from Thendara to TL, but admittedly Iím biased, so perhaps Iím wrong!

Buckladd 08-25-2021 03:12 PM

According to DEC, the timeline spelled out in this Press Release is still the plan.

EagleCrag 08-29-2021 03:07 PM

I biked from Ray Brook to LP a couple weeks ago. The surface was okay for mountain bikes but mine was a hard tail and it was tough on my pelvis. Although it was fairly scenic, the ride was not that enjoyable due to the rough texture of the stones and many bumps along the way. The bed had been heavily traveled by vehicles working on the trail. One stopped and said their contract was for the removal of the rails & ties and that the surface prep, whatever it may be, was going to be the DEC's responsibility. We also encountered a lady driving a pickup truck who said she was "exploring." Hopefully they will have barriers to prevent this type of activity once the construction work is done. We also encountered an individual who was gathering soil samples for wetland determination if I recall correctly.

montcalm 10-11-2021 08:34 AM


Originally Posted by Zach (Post 286553)
I read a story in the Daily Enterprise this morning that said the rotten ties are being chipped or ground, and will soon be hauled away to landfills. In the meantime nearby residents are having trouble with the smell, and health concerns.


I found out that at times these ties are sold to biofuel power plants and are burned (gasified technically).

Apparently it's pretty foul. Not sure it's too good for your health.

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