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Dave Bourque 09-14-2021 09:33 PM

Yesterday, at the Mill Brook trailhead for Pharaoh Lake, the mosquitoes were enough to annoy. It is a late season.

rbi99 09-18-2021 09:25 AM

Hiked into Colden from the Upper Works earlier this week and the only bugs were in the parking lot. No issues at all while on the trail to and from Colden, and I mean no mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, etc.

Huezee 09-20-2021 11:08 AM

Fished the South Branch of the Moose River in the Plains on Saturday. Mosquitos were pretty bad.

Bob K 09-22-2021 02:40 PM

N of Pharaoh mtn
Sun thru Tues no biting or nuisance bugs, not even when hiking in the woods.

rbi99 09-24-2021 10:19 AM

Backpacked into Colden last week and saw/felt nary a flying bug. Got back to Upper Works and while putting my stuff back in the car a single black fly got into the car. Little bastard bit me three times while I was driving. At one point I swatted him and missed, and my car swerved off the road. Not sure what happened to him, but I think he was sending me a message!!!

Tick Magnet 09-27-2021 06:54 PM

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Sitting out at the cabin this afternoon and they were aggressively biting us. Strangest year I've seen in a long time. Usually, by late August, the mosquitos are gone. I've never seen them this thick in late September. Very odd.

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montcalm 09-27-2021 07:50 PM

They are always hungry right before they die...

Looks like a thermacell right between those two chairs would solve the problem.

Tick Magnet 09-27-2021 08:32 PM


Originally Posted by montcalm (Post 287266)
Looks like a thermacell right between those two chairs would solve the problem.

That's exactly what we did! :)

montcalm 09-27-2021 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by Tick Magnet (Post 287269)
That's exactly what we did! :)

If I had that spot I wouldn't let some damn mosquitoes ruin it for me :gripe:

chief900 09-28-2021 01:03 PM

Since I posted other comments about our Little Tupper Lake experience I'll add that these buggers were still out and biting in both the Old Forge area and LTL. Fortunately we had a breeze most of the time but when it was calm they were quick to attack. Certainly nothing I've experienced before on a late September trip

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