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forest dweller 09-26-2016 07:38 PM

What do you think is the best sub 4000 foot mountain in the Adirondacks?
What do you think is the best sub 4000 foot mountain in the Adirondacks?

I remember Hurricane being quite exceptional but it was a long time ago.

stripperguy 09-26-2016 08:36 PM

To clarify, the BEST for me, others need not concur

For the views: Adams
For the caves: Chimney
For the backcountry skiing: Hadley

BTW, I rarely set foot in the high peaks, I swore they were too busy for me back in '79...

gebbyfish 09-26-2016 08:42 PM

Hard to go wrong with Noonmark!

Justin 09-26-2016 08:45 PM

Some of my favorites are ones that have to be bushwhacked to. Most recently Niagara Mountain & Camels Hump come to mind. Very fun & challenging with fantastic views!

SaraHikes 09-27-2016 09:07 AM

I really enjoyed Ampersand.

autochromatica 09-27-2016 09:16 AM

I haven't been disappointed by any of the sub-4,000' peaks I've climbed. (Except for Cliff. :D)

Hurricane -- great, tough hike but worth it.
Adams -- amazing views, very unique.
Big Crow/Little Crow -- sweeping vistas for little effort.
Owl's Head -- ditto.
Round Mt. -- terrific views, tons of blueberries when we did it.
Mt. Jo -- postcard-perfect view, not too long of a hike.
Pitchoff (to "Balanced Rocks") -- similar views to Cascade.
Blueberry -- extremely photogenic summit!
Rooster Comb -- easy climb, nice open summit.

My favorite:
Little Porter Mountain -- great trail leading up to it, never crowded, terrific views from the open, rocky summit.

Still on my short list:
Hopkins, Jay Mt., Ampersand

Blueliner 09-27-2016 07:20 PM

I love Snowy. Keep the lists going, it's nice to see your choices.:clap:

nyestreet 09-27-2016 08:24 PM

Crane Mt. in Thurman. Awesome views, gorgeous pond, lots to explore off trail.

Hear the Footsteps 09-27-2016 08:26 PM

Too many to choose from:My favorite is Hadley - it is a good hike and is close to home

If there were a pole I'd add these to it: Roostercomb, Knoblock, Jay Range


saabrian 09-28-2016 08:53 PM

For the view... Hurricane... with Hadley a close second. Cat is probably the best for the effort.

wkies 09-28-2016 09:58 PM


rickhart 09-28-2016 10:44 PM

For a small hike & rocky summit, Catamount (by Taylor Pond) is fun too.

BorealThrush 09-28-2016 11:03 PM

my current fave: Pitchoff Mountain--the traverse from West to East.

debmonster 09-29-2016 12:23 PM

I vote +1 for both Ampersand and Noonmark. :)

MoodyBlues 09-29-2016 09:48 PM

Snowy has been my favorite for a long time now, really like Goodluck too...

DSettahr 09-29-2016 10:11 PM

In no particular order, Noonmark, Hurricane, Ampersand, St. Regis, Pharaoh, Treadway, Big Crow/Nun-da-gao, Pitchoff, Bald Peak (adjacent to Rocky Peak Ridge), Poke-o-moonshine, Bald (near Lake George), and Sleeping Beauty immediately come to mind.

BorealThrush 09-30-2016 09:14 AM

Crane Mountain is one special little mountain. It is relentless on the uphill, has numerous ponds along the other side of the mountain, a steep descent, and that infamous 75 rung ladder (not sure, but it sure seems like 75 rungs).

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