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bioguide 03-29-2020 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by Justin (Post 280826)
Autumn, the AFR & caretaker, is a super nice lady!

She's too nice. There is a group that comes in every 4th of July (according to her) and wreaks havoc at the central campsite. We experienced the mad house 2 years ago and as she put it there isn't' anything she can do about it. It was our worst camping experience we've had in the Adks. I guess its what one would expect in making a last minute reservation to the last reservable campsite in NYS at the time.

tenderfoot 03-30-2020 03:00 PM

Thank you sir.

This will certainly come in handy. I am starting to realize that all of my hiking in the ADK's does not have to be up hill towards a peak.

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