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Schultzz 03-19-2019 04:33 PM

Dix Mountain

Hear the Footsteps 03-21-2019 06:07 PM

Interesting. Thanks. I had the wrong understanding of how and when Dix Mountain was named (By Emmons no less). I was eager to confirm in the latest history by the 46ers which agreed.

But isn't the text in red a bit leading and begging for revision?
South Dix Unoffical? South Dix appears on the USGS National Map along with Grace Peak. That's pretty official.
Considering the effort to rename Grace. Might renaming South Dix not ever happen?

"Dix Mountain, one of the Adirondack High Peaks, was named for him. The name was later extended to its entire range, and unofficially applied to neighboring High Peaks South Dix (soon[when?] to be renamed Carson Peak) and East Dix. The Forest Preserve management unit in which those peaks are located is the Dix Mountain Wilderness Area."

TCD 03-21-2019 06:39 PM

I don't think Carson has quite as strong a constituency as Grace.

MtnManJohn 04-04-2019 10:30 AM

The major hurdle for getting South Dix renamed to Carson Peak is the same as its was for getting East Dix renamed to Grace Peak: bureaucracy. There is a s**tload of red-tape one has to go through to get a peak renamed, and it takes years - if successful. Just ask Doug Arnold, the man at the forefront of pushing for the renaming of East Dix.

tgoodwin 04-14-2019 06:02 PM

My understanding of this or any other renaming process is that, seemingly appropriately, any local elected body is asked for their opinion on the renaming of a geographic feature within that elected body's area. In this case, it was the Town Board of the Town of North Hudson.

When Doug Arnold was initially working on the effort to rename East Dix as Grace Peak and South Dix as Carson Peak, he made a presentation to the ADK Trails Committee, of which I was a member. I asked him whether the North Hudson board was in favor the change. I said I didn't want yet another "us against them" debate in the Adirondacks. At that time, Doug assured me that there would be "no problem".

Of course there was a problem. Doug worked to resurrect an essay contest in the local schools, that had apparently been started by Grace, with the winner receiving a nice scholarship grant. The next twist in this plot (that I learned from a reliable source) was that the North Hudson board would approve Grace Peak as long as South Dix could be renamed for some North Hudson notable, but not someone who likely deserved to be recognized with a 4,000-foot peak named in his/her honor.

My reliable source then said that NYS Assemblyman Dan Stec, who does happen to be a 46-R, entered the scene and negotiated with the North Hudson Board to accept Grace Peak in exchange for ending any effort rename South Dix. So, Grace Peak it is, but don't look for any further effort to rename South Dix.

Thus it was politics, not red-tape, that drove this debate; but I think most should be happy with the compromise. As is often said in politics 'better to get half a loaf than no bread at all'. Lyndon Johnson once said he was sometimes lucky to get, 'just one damned slice"; but here we did indeed get 'half a loaf' out of this renaming effort.

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