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Dave Bourque 08-07-2020 04:18 PM

I will be traveling to Colorado in mid-October for an annual camping/hiking vacation. My hiking buddy has the use of a pickup truck camper, something we have never done before. We are interested in what is called Dispersed Camping. Any information or experiences about Dispersed Camping would be very helpful. We also would like to do some alpine hiking and scrambling if it is not too late in the season. We are willing drive long distances to get to desirable destinations. The San Juans have been recommended.

Dave Bourque 08-14-2020 07:10 PM

I've been doing some research and can provide more details. We are going to stay in the Silverton area. I've got all the car camping stuff figured out. Any insights into great hikes in the Silverton / Ouray area during mid-October would be greatly appreciated.

hikingandwildex 08-15-2020 08:21 AM

Haven't hiked in the SW part of Colorado aside from a short walk at Canyon of the Ancients, so unfortunately I can't provide any first-hand recommendations.

Redcloud Peak looks very colorful and isn't nearly as popular as 14ers further north in the state. Sunshine Peak, the lowest 14er that offers great views of Redcloud, can be done on the same trip. That's probably the first place I'd head if I were in that area (edit: maybe not the absolute first place since I'd probably want to get acclimatized first.) has good info on 14ers and 13ers in Colorado and there's also a 14ers sub on Reddit where you might be able to get some helpful suggestions from locals and people who hike there regularly.

hikingandwildex 08-15-2020 11:44 AM

The Ice Lakes trail also looks interesting and isn't too far from where you'll be:

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