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Tomcat 04-13-2020 07:00 PM

Sperry Pond
Does anyone know about access to this lake between Tupper Lake and Long Lake for kayaking or fishing? On the map it shows it is in a conservation easement. I can't find any details on it.

DSettahr 04-13-2020 07:29 PM

Conservation easements are tricky because no two are alike- and the rules vary considerably between them. Some allow full public access in accordance with the standard state land use regulations, some allow access to only certain locations and with restrictions (such as the AMR), and some do not allow any public access for any reason whatsoever.

The National Geographic maps show Sperry Pond as being on the Sperry Whitney Easement. Some googling of this name fails to reveal any definitive information about whether public access is permitted on this easement or not (which unfortunately means it probably isn't permitted). Your best bet for definitive information would be to contact the DEC directly and ask.

Woodly 04-13-2020 08:04 PM

Please post the results from the DEC

Tomcat 04-21-2020 12:47 PM

I called the DEC on this last week and have been waiting a call back. Will let you know when I do.

Zach 04-21-2020 05:43 PM

A little Googling led me to an article in some kind of sportsperson's journal that seemed to imply that Sperry Pond was part of a hunting/fishing lease sometime around 15 years ago. Of course it may have changed since then, or I may have misunderstood what I was reading.

Edit: I found the article I had seen before, here it is:

DSettahr 04-21-2020 06:13 PM

It would somewhat depend on the terms of the lease. Some leases are for the access rights to the entire tract, other may be only for the access rights to a specific plot of land (i.e., an acre or even a smaller portion surrounding the immediate vicinity of a camp). The Perkins Clearing Easement would be an example of the latter- the public has access to this easement even though there are also hunting camp leases on the land. The leases (I believe) give the right of exclusive access only to a small envelope of land surrounding the cabins.

FWIW, in the case of the Sperry Pond Easement, I believe that the universally-accessible campground operated by Paul Smith's College (John Dillon Park) also occupies part of this easement. That would seem to indicate that there is not public access to at least a portion of the easement, if not all of the easement.

When all of the above mentioned factors are considered in combination, it definitely does paint a picture of there not likely being any public access to the easement.

Tomcat 04-26-2020 05:03 PM

I finally got a call. The pond itself is not open to public. The only public access is Dillon Park and a snowmobile row that passes through the easement.

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