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Josh Seeley 08-12-2014 01:53 PM

Macomb, Carson, Hough (Dix Range)
Hey Team! A few weeks ago, my wife and I hiked the HP from Route 73 and climbed Grace Peak (formerly East Dix). I must say, that particular section was nothing short of magestic. Camping near Boquet River... Wow.

On previous trips, we have climbed Dix Mt. Twice actually. Once from Hunter's Pass, the other from 73. We just love the Dix Range!

So, we are returning this weekend with hopes to climb the remaining three High Peaks in this area; Macomb, Carson (formerly S. Dix), and Hough.

Our plan is to park at Elk Lake Fri morning (hike in past Slide Brook) to Lillian Brook LT area to find a decent tent site.

Then, I was thinking we would drop weight from our packs, and either...

Backtrack to the Slide Brook / Macomb Trail... Climb Macomb, Carson, and Hough. Then, we would descend Lillian Brook Trail, and back to our site.

Or, ascend the Lillian Brook HP, up to do Hough, then back over to do Carson and Macomb, descend Macomb, back to Lillian Brook tent site to sleep.

In a way, I would prefer to do it the other way around (up Macomb, Carson, Hough, descend Lillian Brook), but I don't want camp at Slide Brook and I really don't want hike all the way in to Lillian Brook, set up camp, and have to backtrack back to the Slide Brook / Macomb trail.

Any thoughts on this?



1) Is the Lillian Brook HP farily managable as an ascent?

2) Is it a bad idea to descend the steep slides on Macomb at the end of the day, especially with a dog? (She's a Husky... In other words, she's a great hiker)

3) Any tent sites in particular that you recommend near Lillian Brook?

TCD 08-12-2014 05:25 PM

Lillian Brook herd path is fine either up or down.

Conveniently, the path has two branches. The left branch on the way up goes to the Hough Pough col (the col south of Hough), the right branch goes to the Macomb / S. Dix col. So after Macomb, there is no need to descend the slide, unless you want to.

The dog will have no trouble with any of this. If you do take the dog up or down the slide, that's fine, just watch that the dog does not dislodge any rubble that might roll down onto another party.

(Others will help with the tent site question.)

Josh Seeley 08-12-2014 06:58 PM

TCD, thanks for the reply! And the excellent tip. I see that Y on a different map. Definitely nice to have that option. Funny how it's right in front of me, but I wasn't considering it. (Must go down the Macomb slide!). The Grace Pk. (East Dix) slide was the first one where my dog met her match. She chose to take the trail along the R side. The slides were just too steep (and wet!). Fun scramble though.

I think I recall seeing a couple sites on the w side of LB. It's a go!

Thanks again

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