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mtbnski 02-27-2004 02:07 PM

Hi All, I'm a relative newcomer to the 'dacks, but not the sport. This board has been a really good place to learn about hiking in what sounds to be beautiful country. I can't wait to summit Marcy in March!

When I'm not hiking, I'm usually chained to a computer in a brown cubicle from M-F. Not for long though, my weekend gig as a bulding contractor looks to be my calling.

I'm married for 2.5 years to a great woman and have one super happy 21 month old son with another muncheon on the way.

My wife and I love the outdoors. Unfortunately she can't join me to the top of Marcy due to her mothering responsibilities. I can't wait until my kids are old enough and we can visit the 'Dacks as a family.

Charlie 03-04-2004 06:28 PM

About Me
Hello all, some of you know me from the VFTT forum, but I've not met any of you yet with the exception of bgk, although I'm sure we've crossed paths. The "about me" section of my website gives a quick overview but I'll add a few lines here as well.

Currently I am 43 yrs old, I have been married for over 20 years. My wife and I have 4 children. I actually grew up in the concrete jungle of Philadelphia but my soul has always belonged outdoors. I remember being teased as a kid and being called "nature boy". I knew more about bugs and animals than my science teachers. After getting out of the Air Force I found myself in Upstate NY and I was finally close enough to the outdoors to begin to pursue a passion that had always been inside of me. I only really started hiking seriously over the last 3-4 years though.

I also became a Christian in 1986 and now appreciate the outdoors all the more as I look at the splendor of God's creation.

I am currently a systems engineer for an office systems dealership in Albany, NY and while I enjoy technology and my work, I would love to find a way to get paid to romp in the woods.

Besides Hiking and Backpacking, I really enjoy Fishing and Hunting. Anything to get me in the woods I guess. My wife doesn't share my passion for the outdoors presently, which would be nice but my kids do so it's all good. Maybe someday!

daxs 03-05-2004 12:56 PM

I am 45 years old and have been hiking the Adirondacks on and off now since the mid 1980's. I used to live in Massena NY which made ADK hiking a little easier than it is now. I moved to Philadelphia PA (close to home) in the early '90 but now I currently live in the Cape May New Jersey area where I work as physician assistant for the USCG. Its a bit of a drive for me to reach the Dacks but i try and drive up every couple of months. I plan to finish my 46 this summer as well as starting on my Catskill 3500.

Chips 03-05-2004 11:38 PM

I'm a new member of the Forum who has a long history in the Adirondacks. I grew up in Holland Patent, NY (north of Utica) not far from the Park.

My first hike was in a packbasket on my father's back, probably around 1944. My family had a camp on Morehouse Lake, south of Speculator. To get there, we hiked two miles carrying all our food, clothing, etc. There was no electicity, generators, motorboats or telephones. After fishing for 1/2 hour, we had enough trout for all five of my family members to eat breakfast. Those good fishing days are gone, but our experiences there helped my two brothers and me develop a love for the outdoors.

I brought my wife and children to Piseco Lake (same area) every summer for two weeks. There, our children took on our love for the outdoors.

With a brother living in Denver and a son at the Aspen Music Festival for several years, we hiked most of the trails in the Aspen, CO area. So, I've hiked more in Colorado than in the Adirondacks.

Now we have returned to the Adirondacks and have bought a camp on Piseco Lake. I will retire in July, and plan to hike all 46 peaks. I'm collecting a group of 50 & 60ish folks in the Piseco area with similar interests. We'd love some company on the trails. We'll need some experienced bushwhackers when we do the off-trail peaks, although I am learning mapreading and GPS navigating in preparation.


Marco Polo 04-26-2004 11:04 AM

Hi im Justin. I'm 25 yo, unemployed(because I want to be), guy who for the summer wants to get out and do what I want. Already I've led an interesting life but hope it gets better with age. Growing up my dad always took me car camping and day hiking. After high school I went to college at Alfred State where I took a degree in Electrical Construction and Maintance. Not because I really wanted to but because I knew it would get me away from home and I could get through without tring. After college I moved to Rochester,NY and got a job with a man who changed my whole out look on life. I learned that its a big world out there with a lot of differnet cultures and beliefs. I started installing alarm systems for bank vaults in Texas in the winter and taking the summers of to enjoy life. After moving to NC where I started getting back into day hiking again after a bit of a lapse. Worked there doing landscaping at first then electrical work. After 2 years there I took a 3 month trip to Southern Mexico and Central America. My mother was came down with cancer when I was away so when I came back I moved home to spend time and help her. She passed away last April. I had a difficult time with it but my friends and mt girlfriend where ALWAYS there for me. In December I went to Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador for 3 months. Since I've been home I've been "getting out" as much as possible and with the summer coming I'd like to "get out" a lot more.
Thats prety much it.

sacco 04-26-2004 03:42 PM

i'm scott.
i'm 29.
after highschool i spent 3 years in the german alps in the army.
then 5 more years in the national guard while going to school for surveying/civil engineering and working.
I 've been working full time for the D.E.C. for 5 years now. i work in floodplain mapping. i used to be out surveying creeks and rivers most of the time, now i just sit at this computer all day.

as far as the outdoors and such - i was a boyscout, been hiking/camping/canoeing since i was 12.
i have a group of friends that i always used to go with since highschool. back in highschool it was a trip every month, a couple of week trips every summer. then when i got back from germany it was a trip every other month, maybe a longer trip in the summer. last couple years it's been like pulling teeth to get any of them off their a**es :argue: for just 2 or 3 weekends a year.

and so i've turned to this little box to find me some new backpacking companions. :boozing:

i'm not much of a "peak bagger." i like the views and all, but i can't stand the crowds of the high peak areas. i usually stick to the closer, quieter southern 'Dacks.

fvrwld 04-28-2004 03:53 AM

Hello. My name is Valerie. I live in west Sand Lake NY. I work as an RN at an Albany hospital on the night shift(explains any strange post-times). I recently got a computer and this site is probably the best thing I've found so far. Growing up I wasn't too exposed to the outdoors. When I was 20 I went up to Lake Placid to watch the RPI hockey team play in the ECAC tournament and just fell in love with the Adirondacks. Later that same year I was introduced to camping and fishing by various friends and my love of the outdoors has just grown from there. I've gone from car-camping to a few canoe trips to backpacking almost every weekend April-Nov(winter camping is next). Most weekends its just me and my dog Gerard. The friends that got me into it rarely go now so I guess I'm looking for some new friends to go with. I suppose I'm more of a pond-bagger than a peak-bagger. I usually end up in the Pharoah Lakes, Siamese Ponds, or West Canada Lakes Wildernesses. I would like to do the 46 but I tend to steer away from the crowds. I have only climbed Marcy and Whiteface but have climbed a lot of the less popular mountains. I plan on doing the Northville Placid Trail mid-September.

adkgirl 04-28-2004 04:51 AM

Little about me
Hi all...I am new to this board....thought I would introduce myself...
My name is Gail. I am 40 years old. I am a Customer Service Rep/night auditor at a local hotel . I have 3 great kids and one beautiful grandson. I have always had a thing for hiking and camping. I live about 10 minutes from Lake George. About 8 years ago, a bunch of friends and I went camping and decided to climb Wakely Mt. When I got to the top, there was no turning back. Did a few more with fire towers, Hadley being right by me so did that one (beautiful!!) but then ended up with a fractured femur and had to get a total hip replacement because the fracture wouldn't heal correctly. So...after three years of being on crutches and healing.... I am back and ready to take the plunge and start on my 46 high peaks, I am sooo looking forward to it and I am so glad that I found this forum! My 13 year old and I are also going to be working on the Fire Tower Challenge. Well, I suppose that is all. Thanks for this opportunity for people to introduce themselves. Its good to "kindof" know who we are writing to. :)


lumberzac 04-28-2004 12:35 PM

Hi I’m Zac
(everyone says, “Hi Zac”)
And I’m addicted to the Adirondacks. I swear these mountains are worse than cigarettes. I’m a 25-year-old architectural intern. My addiction started at two years old, when my father would take me fishing, this lead to backpacking. My first trip was at age five to Lost Pond in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. We use to take a weekend trip at least once a year from that point on until I started to go on my own with friends. I didn’t start climbing any of the high peaks until a few years ago. My first high peak was Dix. We went in from 73 and then took the north slide to the top. I’m now currently halfway complete with the 46 high peaks, but I see myself hiking those and many other mountains over and over again. I hiked the Northville-Placid Trail end-to-end last summer. Generally if I’m not off hiking I’m out on the water in my canoe.

crower_3 05-02-2004 05:22 PM

Hello - My name is Jim and I live in Mexico, New York. I'm 54 years old and I have three sons and a grand daughter. I work as a Shipping Supervisor. I was born in Oklahoma (talk about flat) but have spent most of my life in New York. I have had a long love affair with the Adirondacks. I started out going to the tourist attactions and staying in motels. This soon evolved to state camp grounds and finally to wilderness camping, hiking, climbing and trout fishing. I'm an ADK 46er and a Northville-Placid end to ender. I found this site by visiting the ADK 46ers site and have found it very informative. Well, thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself and if anyone is looking for company on the trails give me a yell. Jim

redhawk 05-03-2004 04:42 PM

Ordin Aryguy 05-21-2004 10:54 PM

Well, let's see...
In the Fall of '98, right after the birth of our daughter, my wife and I decided that South Florida really wasn't the place to raise a family. It was time to escape. We sold the house, packed up a truck, and moved to NY. We tossed our anchor in the Syracuse area, and hopefully will stay here for a very long time. The pace of life here suites us just fine.

Growing up in South Florida with a moderate sense of adventure found me hiking and fishing and camping and hunting all over the place in the region. They are flat and they usually wet, but the Everglades are incredibly beautiful. The 'Glades are the only thing that I really miss about Florida.

Back in the "olden days" I'd hike or camp or both with great frequency. The "olden days" being those days B.C., before children. A month or so ago, my 8 year old son expressed an interest in going backpacking sometime this summer. That was all it took! The flame was once again re-ignited.

We have yet to take our first father-son backpacking trip, but should very soon. Getting all ready to make a trip has been serious fun, for both my son and myself. We both bought new packs, and we've been reading trail guides, and just generally getting immersed in the idea.

This summer, if any of you wouldn't mind a old man and a well behaved 8 year old tagging along, I'd love the company. The 'Glades I know, this Adirondack stuff is all new to me.

Hope to see y'all on the trail.


Martin 05-26-2004 11:57 PM

Hey fellow outdoor lovers. My name's Martin...obviously. I'm a 26 y.old french canadian(but not from Quebec), so very bilingual. I presently work for our postal service, but am currently in the selection process to be in the RCMP, which is our federal police and is partly comparable to the FBI I guess.

I've always loved the outdoors, but never really had someone to do it with. Yes I did the scout thing for a couple of years and went camping with the parents when younger. But 3.5 years ago I met my ex-girlfriend (weird sentence to say) who was pretty much in the same situation. This got me and her going for good. My first 'Dacks experience was actually while working in a summer camp as camp leader. We brought a bunch of teens to the High Peaks, climbing Dix. Fell in love. Incredible! :thumbs:
in the last 3.5 years, I also did some winter camping, snowshoing, kayaking, whitewater and lake canoing and now, recently obsessed with mountain biking. Now I just gotta get myself a bike. That's my goal right now.

Other activies I do are hockey, badminton, golf, tennis and :boozing: .

Lets hit the trails :dance:

shewolf 06-04-2004 01:40 PM

Ok, after many month of lurking and then finally "coming out" on the Mile High Club....

I've had a love for the outdoors all my life thanks mainly to my godparents who were avid outdoorsmen. Hunting, fishing, nature walks, name it, they did it. And they were in their 60's when I was born.

I grew up outside Gettysburg, PA and spent most of my time either playing sports or being in the outdoors. I went to Lehigh University after high school as a mechanical engineer but came out with a degree in accounting.(difficult to play two sports and still maintain decent grades) After college I moved to Washington DC to work for the federal government. Luckily for me, my job moved me from there to Newark, NJ then into NYC and eventually landing me in Philly. It wasn't until after dealing with the 9/11 aftermath that I realized how my job had become my entire life. A dear friend, and you know who you are, introduced me to the Adirondacks in 2002 and I have been hooked ever since. I'm so hooked, that I'm relocating to Albany in order to be closer. Essentially, getting my life back. While my best buddy(my 11 year old german shepherd), who's seen me through the tough times in my life, is too old to go hiking with me anymore, he still enjoys any kind of outing we make that includes a stream, river or wild critters. I wish that I had discovered the dacks when he was still young enough to enjoy them with me. :(

I'm enjoying the banter that goes on in the ADK Forum and look forward to meeting some of you out on the trail, or when I get my arse moved up to Albany!

DLHiker 06-06-2004 10:15 AM

My story
I've enjoyed reading your posts. interesting people here, and a few neighbors!

I'm Ron. My wife and I live in Averill Park, NY. We have 3 girls and a boy. All under 12 yrs. old.

I've been hiking the ADKs since i was a kid. I'm a 46er and working on winter. I have some doubts about completing my winter 46 (I'm at 13 now). We also hike as a family.

I've been a minister in Albany for the last 7 years. before that, I served churches in North Carolina and Western, NY. My faith in the God of the Bible is huge for me and affects all parts of my life--even the trail.

Recently, I stepped down from my church duties and have taken on a new role as director of a wilderness camp for boys near Speculator. I attended this camp since I was a kid and it is an awesome opportunity to lead it now! Plus, it is a dream job for anyone who loves the outdoors! I leave for the North today and will be out of internet contact for the summer.

Love this site, even though i am sporadic in my participation.

kiprich 06-11-2004 07:23 AM

I'm brian. I'm 23. I work as a forman for a general contractor. I enjoy almost every activity outdoors. Hiking, Climbing, Rockclimbing,Bouldering, Caving, Kyayking, Mountian Biking. I useally do all this stuff alone, becasue I have such a limited time to do al lthis dtuff that no one I personally know doesn't wantto commit to a full day of fun. I live in the Schenectady area. I go to the adks every weekend and whe nI get tim eoff, and I go to more then just the high peeks.

Judgeh 06-12-2004 03:09 AM

At 52, I make it up the Northway from Connecticut once a year and have bagged 15 high peaks since 1998. I had a knee replacement in 2001 which slowed me up. With a lot of rehab it has come around in the past year. Just completed a backpack on the Ridge Trail to Giant over Memorial Day weekend.

My Eagle Scout son encouraged me to hike and we completed two scouting treks in the Adirondacks. I"ve been hooked ever since.

I'm a former prosecutor and now a Superior Court Judge. In that life I gained a lot of weight. Seven years ago the scale hit 275. Thats when I started hiking. I'm down to 220 and counting (and all the vital signs are good again). Walking not only gets me to the great views, it helps me to live.

garboon_syr 06-12-2004 02:06 PM

Hi All !
It's so nice to hear about different people's lives and experiences here. I guess I'll chime in now as this forum is such a great resource. My name is Chris, 27M, engaged, and have 2 cats... I live near Tully, NY (near Otisco Lake) and work for Onondaga County at the metro wastewater treatment plant in Syracuse. Went to ESF at Syracuse (college of environmental science and forestry) for my BS in env science.

Let's see...I have been going camping in the ADKs and 1000 Islands since I was very young, and began venturing into the high peaks region in about 1998. Hiking all 46 peaks is a goal of mine I guess, (just over 1/2 way there )however it is not an obsession, I figure I will get to them all someday if it's meant to be. (they certainly aren't going anywhere!!) I stay in very good shape and think it's important to live a healthy, active, lifestyle and develope good habits regarding that when you are stilll young.

I grew up in the country in the hills of the finger lakes and have always loved the outdoors and all related activities. I spend my free time backpacking, hiking, mnt biking, fishing, skiing, snowshoing, playing basketball, golf and my guitar and going to see live music. I am the one who is always drving my friends nuts with my love and concern for the environment.

I have hiked in the eagle cap wilderness in eastern Oregon, as well as the Cascade range and the columbia river gorge in OR. I've hiked Mnt St Helens in Wash, and up and down the Grand Canyon and in the finger lakes area here in CNY and I must say that the ADKs are still my favorite. They are some of the most rugged and beautiful climbs you will find anywhere. (although the NW is a very close second! :D )

I hope to meet many more wonderful people in this forum that share the same interest and passions as I and always love to find hiking partners as it is becoming harder and harder for me to find friends still willing to get up to the Mnts.

"Take what you need and leave the rest" :p

salfontinalis 06-13-2004 10:54 AM

a little about me
I am 34 years old and work for integrated marketing in e. syracuse. i have been roaming the adirondacks since i was old enough to walk. had a camp on the edge of the ha-de-ron-dah wilderness and explored its forests incessantly until at 18 i discovered that in the remote ponds large brook trout coulkd be caught. that has been my passion ever since. so my exploration of the park has been largely bushwacking to remote ponds. like the unnamed pond 3/4 NE of upper haymash pond in the pidgeon lake wilderness. awesome fishing. but by far probably the most ...almost in the adirondacks for me is sand lake...the old growth white pine on the esker inspires awe. it is as if verplanck colvin could have been there im sure some of those pines have. i love the adirondacks and so does my spouse. cindy can dress up and be gorgeous and she will also walk up to her mid calf in a bog with my radisson canoe being pounded by punkies and love every minute. see you next weekend my beloved adirondacks!!

MD Cuse 06-16-2004 11:35 AM

Wow, lots of folks from The Cuse and CNY on this board.

I'm 34, married, and have a 9 week old son. I'm a programmer/analyst and work in downtown Syracuse within sight of the famous Dinosaur BBQ.

My parents took me camping near Tupper Lake when I was 6 weeks old and I've been heading up to the Adks frequently ever since. Over the years we've upgraded from tent camping to a pop-up trailer to a condo to our current family camp in on Fourth Lake in the Old Forge/Inlet area. Try to get up there every other weekend or so during the summer and winter.

I didn't catch the hiking bug until my mid-20's and once I started I finished the 46 peaks over a few summers. I'm about halfway through my second round as I have got a few friends who are also trying to finish their 46.

I am a huge SU basketball fan and play regularly myself.

MD Cuse

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