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Redbeard 11-23-2020 09:09 PM

Coreys Road (Winter) Status?

I know the gate at Coreys Road is SOMETIMES closed but other times open during the winter.

What's the determining factor? If any? Weather seems obvious but is that it? I've heard it's open / closed every other year? Any truth?

Please share your intel.


DSettahr 11-24-2020 10:01 PM

As far as I am aware, the "every other year" rule is false. Someone made a tongue-in-cheek comment on social media a few years ago that it seems like the road is open through the winter every other year, and the hiking community for some reason took it as gospel.

The determining factor is whether there are any tree harvests planned within the boundaries of the Ampersand Lake property that winter. Also worth noting that even if there are harvests planned, there may not be harvesting activity all winter long- so the road could be open one week and closed the next.

DuctTape 11-25-2020 07:32 AM

it is amazing how quickly rumors spread in the hiking community.

TCD 11-25-2020 01:19 PM

I agree about rumors.

But rumors spread fastest when there is an absence of factual information.

I'm not personally interested in using that road in the winter, but I have followed this topic for years; maybe decades. Every year, it seems there is a great struggle to find out when the road is open or closed; much misinformation and rumor is spread; and the only way people really find out is by committing a day to go there in person, and then dealing with whatever they find. This is silly, and a shame.

The best way to get rid of the rumors would be for whoever manages the gate to simply post accurate, timely information somewhere where it's accessible. I know if I managed that resource, I would do that, just to avoid problems, even if I didn't care at all about the hikers' experiences.

Redbeard 11-25-2020 03:57 PM

Good info - thank you, D! Now that is what I call a cogent response. Very reasonable. Is that information made public? There are so many sources I reference before jumping in the car for a 10 hour one way trip to Upstate, would definitely seem reasonable to have NYSDEC or another entity inform the masses - especially at the rate the region has seen the human impact of overcrowding and underprepared persons.

TCD: so true. I'm lining up some winter plans for Seymour and we're committed to face that reality - if it's closed - we'll just adapt and overcome accordingly! But you're absolutely right - why not disseminate accurate and timely information where others may benefit? There are some hunting camps and such along that road if I recall.

Side note: penny for your thoughts on if the increased traffic will sustain through the winter season for the upstate region?

DuctTape 11-25-2020 04:54 PM

The info is usually readily available on the DEC website. Closures, gates, etc...

TCD 11-25-2020 06:43 PM

That DEC link is always a worthwhile read.

But unless I missed it, there's not a word there about the Corey's Road gate.


Well Gosh, I don't know. Maybe I'll start a rumor.

The DEC link kind of validates my point.

Hear the Footsteps 11-26-2020 12:55 PM

Over the past several years the road has been open on the 21st.

The other issue is ice. Ice does not know about the calendar.
Many get stuck on the road; or, turn back and do the walk.

A couple seasons ago I walked the road 6(maybe 7) times. I got accustomed to it.
-The road makes Seymour like Allen without the river crossing.
-There is a net loss of elevation and two big climbs to get out.
-Take a sturdy shovel (maybe 2). One winter the winter lot got plowed while hiking and wet heavy snow pushed by the plow under my vehicle set up. It was a lot of work digging out what didn’t look like a lot of snow. I had what I find on Lowes was a transfer shovel. A spade(digging) shovel would be a good addition to a very strong shovel. A standard snow shovel is too weak and too wide.
-My slide climbing buddy Claudia is leading an ADK club hike to Seymour on the 21st. You'll have help. She generally makes it to the summit.

- I've come across groups 3 times that didn't actually go to the Summit Sign.
Remember this. There is a sign at the summit and from there you can see the Santanonis. The people that didn't get there stopped at the ledge where you get a view toward the Sewards, Tupper Lake, Ampersand Lake(etc.) and NO view of the Santanonis.

- Extra credit for finding the old sign w/o any lettering. It's near the new sign.

Redbeard 11-26-2020 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by DuctTape (Post 284056)
The info is usually readily available on the DEC website. Closures, gates, etc...

While a great link, I've never seen the gate listed in the DEC brief.

DuctTape 11-28-2020 11:34 PM


Originally Posted by Redbeard (Post 284062)
While a great link, I've never seen the gate listed in the DEC brief.

From March 10th of this year (note date posted was Dec 12th)

and in Jan 2019:

Then April 2019:

Woodly 11-29-2020 09:47 AM

One should have tire chains or cables on roads like these. Better to have than not. Put 'em on before you get stuck. Know how to put them on before you need.

Redbeard 11-30-2020 09:43 PM

I stand corrected.

Life lesson #79,843 - never doubt duct tape. : )

TCD 12-08-2020 10:37 AM

Still nothing at the DEC site today.

But this thread from our sister forum provides some suggestions as to how you might be able to get some useful information:

DuctTape 12-09-2020 02:30 PM

DEC website has Corey's gate closed. updated 12/9

OUHIKE2 04-15-2021 07:43 PM

Any info - Corey's Road open to trailhead yet? TY

DuctTape 04-15-2021 08:25 PM

when it is open it will be posted here:

Scroll down to High Peaks Information.

DSettahr 04-15-2021 08:45 PM

Also worth mentioning that it is early still for seasonal roads to open- mud season is in full swing. Most seasonal roads in the ADKs don't open until mid-May at the earliest in a typical year. Some years, some roads won't open until sometime in June.

One complicating factor is that many seasonal roads get snowmobile traffic all winter long- which compacts the snow and turns it into a solid sheet of ice that can last for days or even weeks after the snow in the surrounding woods has melted.

All that being said, spring definitely showed up early this year so odds are good the road will probably be open earlier than usual.

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