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Crash 12-11-2020 09:46 PM

Camping 2020
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The Photography thread on this website has not been very busy this year. I love looking at other people's photos. I guess I should not complain unless I share - so here it goes.

In this post I have a single photo taken from every Adirondack campsite I camped at in 2020 - there are 10 of them. In most cases I camped at the campsite for the first time, but three of them are repeat favorites. Some of the labeled locations are technically incorrect, but they are close enough. Sorry about not being clearer about the locations but I would not want to give away my favorite locations that easily.

I invite everyone to add some of their 2020 camping photos to this thread.

Fulton Chain Wild Forest
Attachment 19820
Five Ponds Wilderness
Attachment 19821
West Canada Lakes Wilderness
Attachment 19822
Saranac Lakes Wild Forest #1
Attachment 19824
Pharaoh Lake Wilderness
Attachment 19825
Moose River Plains Wild Forest #1
Attachment 19826
Jessup River Wild Forest
Attachment 19827
Moose River Plains Wild Forest #2
Attachment 19828
Moose River Plains Wild Forest #3
Attachment 19829
Saranac Lakes Wild Forest #2
Attachment 19830

snav3 12-13-2020 11:15 AM

Some iPhone Photos
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Chair Rock Flow, night & day.

Attachment 19831
Attachment 19832

St.Regis 12-13-2020 02:48 PM

Great photos!! :thumbs:

Crash 12-13-2020 08:27 PM


Originally Posted by snav3 (Post 284158)
Chair Rock Flow, night & day.

Nice snav3! That gives me an idea for another Photography thread: Same View, Different Time of Day or Seasons. I'm sure I could dig up some photos that would fit that one.

I believe the Chair Rock Flow campsite is the only Cranberry Lake campsite that I never visited.

backwoodsman 12-18-2020 06:46 AM

Crash and snav3 , nice photos.
Crash , there's probably lots of reasons people don't post photos much anymore , I think one is because your photos can be copied and saved by whoever.

Crash 12-18-2020 08:46 PM

Backwoodsman, thank you for your compliment.

I understand that someone could download my photos, but I do retain the copyright of my photos, even if I post them. And in actuality, I dont think I would have a problem if someone would copy a photo for their own personal use. And the photos, as posted on this site, are down-sampled and compressed so much that their quality is rather poor compared with the originals.

The biggest reason I would hesitate to post photos is out of concern for over-popularizing my favorite spots. Labeling only by the unit name leaves the location vague at least for most viewers. But I figure that a fellow well-traveled Adirondack paddler should be able to identify the locations of at least half of my shots (especially with the help of the unit name). And if anybody PMd me about a particular photo Id likely have no problem providing details I just wouldnt want the details permanently searchable on the WWW.

But mainly, I just enjoy sharing the cools things Ive found in these woods.

DSettahr 12-18-2020 11:09 PM

It depends on how/where they are hosted. Some image hosts have stipulations in the fine print stating that you grant them license to use the image when you upload it to their servers. To some extent, this is necessary in a legal sense for them to be able to host the images for you... but there is always the chance that they could use your image for something else, without legally needing to ask your permission or even tell you they are doing so.

Crash 12-20-2020 03:38 PM

On this site, there is no such transfer of photo rights (moderators, please tell me if I'm wrong).

But I do agree that there are certain sites where you do transfer rights. For example, I've noticed that if you submit a campground photo to the ReserveAmerica website, it becomes their property. At one time I considered uploading a few photos there, but I quickly changed my mind when I read that.

DSettahr 12-20-2020 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by Crash (Post 284187)
On this site, there is no such transfer of photo rights (moderators, please tell me if I'm wrong).

There was an issue in the past concerning copyright of content that was posted to these forums- although not from the forum Admins. If I remember correctly, someone was taking trip reports (and maybe even also photos?) and copying them in their entirety to a third party site without permission or even making either the forum admins or the post authors/picture photographers aware that they were doing so.

The result of that situation was that this disclaimer regarding copyright of material hosted on these forums was authored and posted to the ADKHighPeaks forums to clarify exactly who owns what for anything hosted on these sites.

That post makes it pretty clear that to some extent, yes, the ADKHighPeaks Foundation does become a co-owner of your photos when you choose to host them here. However, the photographer has the right to delete any such photos, which in turn removes any such "ownership" rights of the photo by the foundation.

DSettahr 12-20-2020 06:31 PM

Another consideration: The foundation has made posts to social media sites (such as Facebook) advertising content posted to these forums- usually trip reports. When those posts are made, the social media algorithm typically scrapes the content of the destination web page and (among other things) grabs images to include in the post made to the social media site- including sometime forum member photos that were included as part of the trip report. That would be an example of how the ADKHighPeaks Foundation is exercising their rights to your image, in a way that you potentially did not anticipate initially when you chose to upload it here.

FWIW- they may have chosen to do this with permission of the post author (any forum admin is welcome to chime in here on this). Even if not, it's not exactly something that I would personally view in any nefarious light.

The way I look at it is that any image that I put online is at risk of being saved, shared, etc. in ways far beyond what I might find acceptable, whether legally or not- and to not take steps to protect one's intellectual property regardless of the image host is to practically invite abuse. I'm generally careful (with a few exceptions) never to upload original quality images, so that at the very least, only I retain the rights to and/or have access to the original quality image.

And in fact, the biggest issues I've had regarding "unauthorized use" of my photos have stemmed not from strangers, but from friends. It's been a bit of a challenge trying to get both myself and my friends on the same page regarding what are reasonable expectations concerning their use of my photos.

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