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sleverest 08-13-2020 05:06 PM

Round Lake - First Time
Hello, I am new here and did search the forum first but the info I found is not recent.

I will be doing a 2 day, 1 overnight, Kayak trip on Round Lake next week, starting on Thursday. I'm looking for any advice for a successful trip, as this is my first paddle overnight trip.

Any info on specific sites, good and bad is appreciated; I've heard 2 sites have a little beach.

Has anyone been out on Round Lake recently and how busy has it been? I'm hoping I can at least just get a site, going about 8am on a Thursday.

Will it be easy to tell from the lake without getting out of the boat if any given site is occupied?

I plan to leave sometime between lunch and dinner, as the day leads me, on Friday. Is there a simple way to indicate at my site that while my stuff is there - I'd be ok with someone setting up as I don't plan to use it for the night? I'm trying to be respectful of others while also enjoying my own trip.

I think I'm well prepared gear wise but feel free to offer advice. I have a 46L pack that I'll put in a large dry bag and between my legs as I paddle to the site. I do have a sit in but the cockpit is quite large and my pack is no bigger than my niece who I paddle with in my lap. I did plan to rent a bear canister at Hoss's, is this necessary?

I thank you all in advance for any wisdom you are willing to share and I promise to be a good steward of the land and water while I visit, practicing LNT. :)

electbc 08-13-2020 05:50 PM

I have not paddled Round Lake but have been to Little Tupper a couple of times. It sounds like you picked the perfect spot for a first time adventure. Getting there on Thursday should land you a decent site.
Sometimes it is hard to tell from the water if a site is occupied, some Hammock Campers can be pretty stealthy if they want to be, but usually a boat near the shore is visible. As far as bears go, who knows where they may appear, but both times I was at LTL, none sighted. It never hurts to anticipate that they may show up with the feed bag on.
I wouldn't worry about letting campers set up on Friday. Just leave when you want, after you vacate, then someone coming in late Friday will appreciate the available site.

TrailBlaser 08-13-2020 05:52 PM

I have visited Round Lake twice. Drop your boat and gear by the register and then park in the parking area. It is a short paddle through the inlet to the lake. Site #1 is on the right just as you enter the lake. The landing is actually before the site; you should be able to make it out in the bushes. I enjoyed camping there, but you can here vehicles on the road if it is quiet. Interestingly, I had cell service there. I looked at every site and the only other one I liked was site #4. I actually prefer that because it is close to the outlet and further from the road. I found the sites on the west side of the lake less desirable. When I was there in June of last year, there was no one else camped there. We went to Little Tupper last week. On Friday, around mid day, there were at least a dozen cars at the parking area and along the road. I keep a clean camp and use an Ursack; I had no problem with bears, but as was said, always take the necessary precautions.

Zach 08-13-2020 06:33 PM

I haven't been to Round Lake myself, but it sounds like a nice area. In regard to whether you can tell if a site is occupied without disembarking I would say usually you can, but it may depend on how observant you are and what the camp setup is like.

A case in point, once at Stillwater I spent 3 nights on site #10, and on the morning after my second night I went out in the canoe to poke around and look at things, and as I came back around 11 I found that a party of folks in a motorboat were just leaving the site, having just discovered that I was camping there after they had set up all their stuff. My tent is a 1 person backpacking tent and was a bit off to one side from their tents, but my food bag was hanging abut 12 feet off the ground directly over one of their large tents. Stillwater has a campsite sign-in at the boat ramp, so they went back and signed in to a different site, and I went off again in my canoe to a beach across the cove and waited till they had had time to move to their new site.

stripperguy 08-13-2020 07:46 PM

It's been a while, but my gang was camped at site #4, it was roomy but very near to #'s 5 and 6.
Here is my personal, jaded opinion: Round Lake is pretty small, and unless you plan to paddle the outlet, I wouldn't recommend staying there. Better to stay on Little Tupper Lake, particularly if you have a kayak. LTL can get rough and a kayak would be less affected by wind and waves. The natural beaches are more plentiful and nicer on LTL, and most of the sites are better than Round Lake, and there's more to choose from. There's more to see and do on LTL too, you can paddle a long way up Charley Pond outlet.

Here's some pics from Round Lake:

And here's some pics from LTL:

Grey-Jay 08-14-2020 11:07 AM

I paddled Round Lake 4 weeks ago and it was crowded at the launch and on the water but saw two open sites.

I agree that The size of Round Lake is more of a day paddle unless you plan to spend alot of time at your campsite or eventually paddle into LTL. It is justvtoo small for multi day or full day explorations for me.

In past years there has been bear activity at specific sights so a bear canister is certainly wise not only for bears but chipmunks and mice. Necessary I do not know.

I will not comment on best sites because I am of the opinion that exploring and checking over the sites is a part of the journey vs. social media guidance on where to stay.

There are two pair of loons and I once had a female moose here while paddling. If the air is calm, I used to hear the DEC generator running but not sure if this still occurs.

The beauty of Round is no motors.

TrailBlaser 08-15-2020 09:41 AM

I spent 3 days at Round Lake (site #4) last October and it was a totally different experience than the summer. My vehicle was the only one in the lot and I only saw one day paddler the entire time.

Viking 08-15-2020 05:03 PM

Just rolled in from Round Lake this afternoon.

Arrived at Wednesday morning at 3:30 am. Drove to LTL for a look at the parking lot. Packed. Went back to Round, recounted the NINE cars there and unloaded. Pushed off at 5 am. All of the nicer spots were taken. Six was open and for a few terrifying moments thought this would be home. Seven turned out to be open and while it isn't my favorite site, it wasn't 6.

As the week progressed saw fewer people. Figured there would be some people looking for sites but no. This (Sat) am a day tripper and 2 other canoes heading out but the good sites were open.

Over a number of years I have never seen this many cars at the put in for Round. After we packed up I drove back over to the LTL lot and I am pretty sure this was a record for the number of cars in that lot for me.

Generator still runs - keep paddling for quietest results. Fishing slow. Weather incredible. Bugs pretty mild, but had the No Bug Zone. Could have been just fine with-out it. Beach part of site #3, right next to #5. Good landing there. #4 is a tougher ingress/egress. I like site #8. The tent pad is up a hill but other attributes make up for it for me.

Rich Lockwood 08-16-2020 06:44 AM

Round lake
My wife and I have camped on round several times. the best thing about it is that it's real easy with a short paddle to a campsite. My favorite site was on the east side most of the way down on a peninsula with a wonderful view. Another good thing is the campsites on the east connect with a trail you can hike that goes to and down along the beautiful outlet stream. Yes the generator is a bother and once someone left the headquarters every morning early with a motorcycle with loud pipes!
Have fun, Turtle

Keithk 08-17-2020 07:51 AM

We did a day trip on LTL last Friday- truly couldn’t believe the number of cars at both Round and LTL. Had to be almost double the “typical” number of vehicles

rickhart 08-17-2020 11:07 PM

I was at Little Tupper from last Monday through yesterday afternoon. Both were very crowded. I've never seen so many cars, esp. at Round (cars parked along the road in both directions in late morning when I was driving past). On the other hand, there weren't quite as many when I left yesterday. Getting there early on a weekday would help.

In general, the sites on the east side of the lake (on the right as you paddle in) are nicer -- though as Viking said, 6, the last on that side, isn't great (I stayed there once near the end of a Whitney loop). 8, the middle one on the west side, is pretty dismal too. But you may have to take whatever you can get. My favorite is the one in the middle of the east side with a beach -- it's either 2 or 3. The peninsula site mentioned before is fun (I think it's 4) and there's another site with a bit of beach after it. I seem to remember that the ones on the south side, 10 & 11, are nice too, but I haven't stayed at them.

Keep a sharp eye out for parties that look like they're packing up; if you get there early someone may leave after you get there.
Hope you have a great trip!

sleverest 08-18-2020 03:00 PM

Thank you all for the advice!

I'm starting on Round Lake, knowing it's small, intentionally, as this is my first time paddling and camping. If I like it (I think I will) I'll do bigger areas in the future. I really enjoy slow paddling and truly looking at the nature around me so I think I'll be ok exploring a small area over 2 days - especially as I also like naps mid-day :)

It's also a short drive from a family place on Lake Eaton so it's pretty easy for me to fall back on a comfy dry bed if needed (sites unavailable, terrible weather, etc.) I can also go another day/night if my planned day doesn't work out as I'm staying with the fam until Monday.

I'll post when I return.

Viking 08-29-2020 06:23 AM did it go?

rickhart 08-29-2020 11:36 PM

Maybe he's still trying to find a parking space... :eek:

Buckladd 08-30-2020 09:17 PM

Late to the post. Great memory on Round Lake from a few years back. My wife and I launched from the road rather than LTL. As I remember, it was Labor Day weekend. We weren't 200 yards in and a small black bear crossed the channel in front of us. We picnicked at the campsite below the outlet of the Bog River. Nice spot. Hope you had fun there.

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