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Rich Lockwood 11-01-2019 07:23 PM

wind advise for Stilwater please
Hi, I would like to paddle the length of the reservoir in a small canoe and am concerned about wind and waves and being able to get back to the launch.. Is one shore better protected?
Thanks, Turtle

Wldrns 11-01-2019 07:35 PM

Depending on the exact wind direction, I would usually stick to the north shore. There are more inlets to duck into, but there are also stump fields and shoals to watch for. The southern route takes you across wide open water expanse or may otherwise place you in a long fetch if wind is coming in from the west. Not so good in the wind.

RichieC 01-09-2020 12:23 PM

An old thread, but from my experience there for anybody else..

I would really not be fond of heading out in any wind on this lake, It's shallow and aligned with prevailing winds.

I'd arrive at lake at dawn or before - before wind begins - though this depends on weather. You can get to the safer eastern parts of the lake by the time it kicks up. North shore as stated, does indeed offer more protection. On Clearwater, especially coming out, you will most likely have a headwind and waves can be brutal and exhausting or dangerous. So same advise- first thing in the day, or plan on allowing an exit later in the evening after it dies down. I'll catch crap over this, but If absolutely had to, I'd personally would even consider dusk and early night- but have a strong light and avoid the channel where taxis and people wing around in motorboats at all hours- make sure you are seen- they won;t stray from this channel- as this lake can ruin a prop out of the safe area. Know they are navigating by GPS and knowledge. Act like they can't see you.

Note: depending on time of year, they let out the water after summer- this exposes some sunken features.

This is the same advise for every lake- note how they are l aligned with prevailing winds and or land features that surround. If a blowing storm is coming- well it creates its own wind. Hunker down, or walk into the Norridgewock or the lean-to on Trout, wait it out, you'll have an easy paddle and arrive in the same amount of time. .

Wldrns 01-09-2020 01:28 PM

I have been wind bound in an eastern bay on Stillwater more than once. Luckily my wife knew enough about that lake not to panic with me staying out there an extra night if weather dictates. it seems that too often I have headed out under cloudy nearly windless sometimes wet days, only to have a clear sky high pressure system come in at the end of my stay, bringing a strong wind out of the west.

I remember a while back, it has been quite a few years now, a news story about a couple of hunters in a motorboat on the eastern end who took a wave over the transom that sank them. One guy never made it to shore. The other did and tracks showed that he walked an estimated 20 miles along the corrugated north shoreline to the dam at the western end. Unfortunately he decided to cross over on the dam instead of going a short distance farther to the logging road and the bridge crossing the river below the dam. He proceeded to slip off the dam to his death, nearly home free.

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