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l'oiseau 01-17-2014 07:53 PM

Eastern Adirondack DEC Campgrounds
Due to my extreme lack of knowledge of this area I need a little advice.

I'm trying to meet up with my sister's family to camp in the ADKs and she lives on Long Island. Because she doesn't have a lot of time off I would like to camp somewhere that would be close for her, so I'm thinking the Eastern part of the park. I've never stayed at any campground east of 87, and very rarely have even been in this area in the summer so I need some advice.

She will be coming with her boyfriend and their daughter who will be 4 by that time. They have no interest in backwoods camping so I told her we'd do a state site. Ideally we'd like to let them take out a boat, let my niece swim, and maybe do a hike.

I was thinking Putnam Pond but I've never been there and I doubt I'll be able to evaluate the beach area this weekend. Is this a good option or are there better ones? I'd like to avoid Lake George in the summer but I want them to have a good time.

Again any help is appreciated.

PS I know I am asking kind of early but I'd like to make a reservation as soon as I know when they can get off work.

Justin 01-17-2014 08:39 PM

Paradox Lake is nice. I've never stayed there but have been through the grounds.
Putnam Pond is cool too and has a nice beach area, and I like the interior sites there that are out on the pond, but the main campground complex at Paradox Lake is much nicer than the one at Putts IMHO, and the main campground area at Putts can be a bit buggy during the bug season. Not a lot of breeze in that least not when I've stayed there with friends over a couple Memorial Day Weekends several years ago.
You may also want to look into Eagle Point on Schroon Lake.
All 3 have Lots to do nearby including hiking, swimming, and paddling.

l'oiseau 01-17-2014 08:43 PM

Great thanks. I was looking at those too but was unsure. Putts was on my list because I figured it might be a nice place to take them for a hike or a paddle. We can always head over for a day trip though.

While I'm at it any suggestions for places to paddle in that area? Preferably ponds without motors.

We took her out last year, she likes the canoe :)

Justin 01-17-2014 08:55 PM


Originally Posted by l'oiseau (Post 212371)
While I'm at it any suggestions for places to paddle in that area? Preferably ponds without motors.

Crane's nice, but popular.
Cheney Pond and Lester Flow are not that far away also.
And the Schroon River from Adler Meadow Rd to Schroon Lake is a fun paddle in high water.
Shoot me a pm for more details.

Deb dePeyster 01-18-2014 02:12 AM

Wow, that water in your photo is amazing! Nice shot.

stripperguy 01-18-2014 09:43 AM

If you do end up at Paradox, or even Putts, the old abandoned Frontier Town is not too far away.
It's good for a few hours, and to a 4 year it will look like a real old western town, the adults will enjoy it too!!

Adk Keith 01-18-2014 10:25 AM

Scaroon Manor is another good bet. Unlike Purrs and Eagle Point, it has a beach with a lifeguard.

DSettahr 01-18-2014 12:15 PM

Yeah, the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area is mosquito heaven in the summer- some of the worst bug conditions you'll encounter anywhere in the Adirondacks. Due to the ruggedness of the terrain, there are a lot of vernal pools scattered throughout the woods, which make for prime mosquito breeding territory. I'm sure some of that bleeds over into the Putnam Pond campground.

peskypup 01-18-2014 07:01 PM

Eagle Point has some nice sites, but is pretty small and right on Rt 9 so there's a fair bit of road noise. I'm not sure they ever opened the beach for swimming last summer -- budget considerations I assumed.

Scaroon is nice and the facilities are pretty new. There's a nice beach that's pretty popular among day users, from my experience. Most of the sites are open and exposed, which isn't really my thing personally, but they're nice and flat with plenty of room. There's the amphitheater ruins to explore, which could be fun for a kid. And you're close to plenty of kid-friendly hikes like Mt Severance, Gull Pond, Spectacle Pond or Goose/Crane and all the Pharaoh Wilderness has to offer. Of course, Schroon isn't a non-motorized lake.

I haven't camped in either Paradox or Putts, but have been through both. The sites are more "woodsy" than the two campgrounds above and more my style. Paradox isn't non-motorized, but is quieter than Schroon. From memory, the beach at Putts is probably a little nicer. And you have all the hiking you could ever want right from the campsite. Seems the best fit for what you're looking for. And, with either one, you've got Fort Ti down the road if you get stuck with a rainy day and needs someplace to go. It was a lifesaver for my parents when I was a kid! ;)

l'oiseau 01-18-2014 07:10 PM

Thanks for all the suggestions. Looks like we will keep them busy over at Pharaoh no matter where we stay. Quiet and woodsy sites are nice for me but this trip isn't really about me, so I'll have to consider it a bit more.

I'm hoping that they like the area and decide to come up on their own in future years.

l'oiseau 01-19-2014 07:09 PM

I drove into Paradox today after I hiked at Putts. I didn't get out and walk around but I thought Putnam Pond was a lot nicer. Hard to say for sure though. Everything seems nicer without RVs and hoards of people.

tommy5402 02-09-2014 12:20 AM

Been camping every year for a week in the summer at putnam. No problem with bugs in early august for us so far. Very quiet and peaceful for a state campground. Any questions with specific sites, feel free to ask.

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