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kingof14ers 10-28-2004 03:45 PM

This seems to be a fairly long and old thread. My response may be long overdue, but here it is.

My name is Tim. I'm 33 and I grew up in Rockland County NY. Hiked alot near Stony Point near West Point. The only other hiking I've ever done east of the Mississippi is hiking the confederate troops route at Gettysburg.

My hiking and climbing carrier really began 10 years ago when I left NY and moved out to Colorado trying to advance my carrier as a network administrator as well as my love for the outdoors. My first mountain hike was a foothill near the town of Evergreen called Bergen Peak (9708'). I went on to several 12000' peaks near the South Park region within the Lost Creek Wilderness. Later that summer I went up my first 2 14000' peaks (14ers) called Grays and Torreys.

10 years have come and gone. I've done many of the 14ers, a bunch of 13ers, 12ers, 11ers, many in the winter, and many repeated times. 2 years ago I coauthored the naming of Columbia Point (13980') to honor the crew of the Shuttle Columbia and the STS-107 mission. I met most of the families and many of the astronauts and members of the recovery effort. I also have a proposal for the naming of the 13er American Peak that should be voted on in December.

My wife Lisa and I have been married for 2 years with 12 year old step-daughter Breanna and a little boy on his way. They love camping more then bagging peaks. I guess you could say that the motto of my home state gives some loose reasoning why I love the peaks.... Ever Upward!

zac 10-31-2004 08:27 PM

I'm Zac (looks like I'm Zac #2). I'm 24 and work as a web designer/developer for a small company in Utica, NY. I like it, but the hours spent in front of a keyboard have a way of making the mountains seem irresistible (moreso than they already are). Since everyone seems to be telling their version of "how I came to love the Adirondacks," here's mine:

When I was growing up, my parents had a camp in the Southern Adirondacks (on 5th Lake in the village of Inlet). We spent most of our summers there, so I was out in the woods a lot - hiking, camping, canoeing. It was a lot of fun - but when high school rolled around, I suddenly lost interest in anything remotely related to the outdoors (what 16-year-old wants to spend their summers in the woods with their parents?).

So I didn't have much to do with the mountains for about 6 years. Then during my third year of college, my girlfriend and I went on a random camping trip with two of our friends (on Racquette Lake). They wanted to sit around and relax, so the two of us decided to take a drive up to Lake Placid to check out something called "Algonquin Mountain" that a friend had recently told me about. As it turned out, we ended up arriving at the Adirondak Loj around 3:00 pm. The ranger politely discouraged us from starting up Algonquin that late in the day (no, we didn't know any better!), so we took his recommendation and climbed Mt. Jo instead.

The views were amazing - especially for such a small mountain - and we were instantly hooked. We went back again a few weeks later to climb Algonquin for real. The next two years were spent making the 5-hour drive from Rochester whenever our weekends would allow it (not often enough!). And even though we broke up somewhere along the way, we remained good friends and hiking partners.

So that's that. The more time I spend in the Adirondacks, the more I enjoy it. I try to get up there whenever I manage to round up some hiking partners...once or twice a month if I'm lucky. Still working on my 46...hope to see some of you out there!

Adirondack Bill 10-31-2004 08:30 PM

Howdy Folks,

I work in Manhattan, live on the south shore of Long Island. I started going to the Adirondacks about 25 years ago, finally buying a place in Warren County about 6 years ago. I hope to leave here and live there in the not to distant future.

Missionsman 11-01-2004 07:42 AM

Name, rank, and serial number please...
Hello All,

OK, i've 'lurked' enough here and need to provide some life/personality detail.... Sorry for the lengthly report following, you asked for it - consider yourself warned!!!!

I got into hiking seriously on my own by the time i was 16 and started ocassional winter camping at 17. I really pursued it after 3 years as a paratrooper at Ft.Bragg, NC - an infantryman/marksman with the 82nd Airborne Division (having had survival-type training through various TRADOC schools). I pursued, through my late teens and twenty's, martial arts in combination with my life long zealous pursuit of marksmanship. However, the outdoors was where i always went to re-compose.

Due mostly to scheduling conflicts with my friends over the years, I've now solo winter hiked/camped for some 20 years. It is the favored setting for my primary refreshment - time alone with God - experiencing Him though His awesome creation. Along lifes journey, i have also developed an interest in climbing - vertical rock, ice and snow. Put winter camping and climbing together and now you're in the ZONE!!! Hence, my interest in the ADK's (as well as the Presidentials). I am planning a January visit to climb Mt. Marcy.

I became a dedicated Christian, after several false starts with going to church, at age 28. This is different from prior simple, infatuational, short-lived, uncommitted emotional responses that had a propensity to fizzle out after two weeks. My faith in God and position in Christ, defines me.

I also enjoy reading philosophy as well as theology and consume copious amounts of coffee in the joyful discussions of both.

There you have it, in one not-so-nice package, but remember - you asked for it and have been warned....


soco7tyx7 11-02-2004 04:12 AM

it seems this thread was created almost a year ago, but i just joined so its new to me!! and people still seem to be replying so here i go. my name is Jonathan and i grew up in the Rochester area. i'm 18 and in college on Long Island(not too much wilderness :( ) and am studying architecture. i've been camping for as long as i can remember and probably before that with my family. i started on Lake George in the dacks when i was like 5 or so and have been going back at least once a year since then. i did Blue mountain on the same trip to LG and started backpacking in 2002. first trip was up Crane mountain and that was enough to keep me going since. since then i've only done weekend trips in the Siamese wilderness but they've all been so sweet. did one back to puffer pond with a couple people from my youth group back home and had one of the best times of my life, hiked puffer mountain, humphrey and chimney which was truely amazing. one of my best friends and i are planning to do the Northville-PLacid trail and if all works out and goes as planned, we'll hit it by mid july. i've been in love with the outdoors ever since i could walk and always will be. i love making an adventure out of everything i do and i hope that i can always look at it that way. i've got a long life ahead of me and plenty of hiking left in my blood. i'll be asking around next time i'm on the trail for you guys. see ya around.

Alpinista 11-07-2004 02:35 AM

This is my very first post! I'm 40-something (though some people I met on the trail this summer thought I looked 30! :dance: ), and I'm relatively new to hiking. I have to laugh when I think of growing up in Connecticut and commiserating with friends that there was absolutely "nothing" to do -- if only I'd discovered the outdoors way back when! I finished the NH48 this summer and am now working on the NE67. The drive to the daks intimidates and depresses me, but since I've started lurking here, I guess it's destiny that I'll end up doing the ADK's!

I'm a journalist, single and live in the Boston area.

nippletop 11-10-2004 10:09 PM

Yes, just turned 50. That means I've been Backpacking, Climbing, Snowshoeing and Winter adventuring for 35 years. Done mountains in B. C. , Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, California, Oregon, Washington, Georgia, N. Carolina, Tennesee, Virginia, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and finally New York. We used to cut through N.Y. to go farther east. I finally planned a trip to the High Peaks in 1994 and I was hooked. I come back every year to get my butt kicked on some of the best rock in the country. My knees are shot from mountains and bicycles but I will never quit. It's the only "sport" I do. We've been doing "trailless" peaks for the last few years. Always a great adventure. Always great people kicking about. Thanks for letting me feel the Adirondacks all the way back here in Michigan.

hekki6 11-12-2004 09:16 PM

a bit about me.....
Hi All,
My name is Bernie, and except for 4 years riding a nuclear submarine for our Uncle Sam, I have always lived in the Adirondacks.I always have been an outdoor type. The other guys were playing baseball, I was in the woods or fishing.In 2001, I decided to take a walk in the woods at ADK LOJ, and found myself at the shores of Avalanche Lake.Of all the time I had spent in the woods, these mountains were a whole new experience.From there on , it was Cascade, Giant, Wright, Marcy, Phelps,Colden, Marshall, Seymour,...get the picture? My wife stated that I turned 50 , and went nuts.Well, if this is nuts, I love it.So far I have climbed 26 and am raring to finish the rest of the 46. I just wish I had started this 20 years ago. Sometimes, at 54, it really hurts the next day.When not climbing, I do a lot of flyfishing, motorcycling, and competition pistol shooting.I also take long backpacking trips every spring. This year I spent nearly a week in the Cold River country, where I explored the hermitage of Noah John Rondeau, and found the remnants of several old logging camps. When I really must, I spend the remainder of my time as Supervising Engineer at the power plant at Sunmount DDSO here in Tupper Lake.I can retire in July, and if the mountians call loudly enough, I just might.
Well, that,s about it for now. Hope to meet some of you on this site, or on the trail.
Bernie "hekki th' gator" Trombley

doug 11-27-2004 05:38 PM

Hi, everyone. I just discovered this wonderful forum the other day. I'm 48, and a newly tenured music (French horn) professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey and also play in orchestras and on Broadway. My folks have a summer place off Rt. 22 in Putnam Station. I started camping on the islands in Lake George with my school-teacher parents in the late 50's, back when you could camp all summer and St. Sacrament island might fill up on a weekend or two. Did quite a bit of high peaks backpacking in the late 60's early 70's, first with my dad and then with hockey-buddies (I'm still playing) and then my girlfriend. She was used to taking cruise ships to Europe with her parents and then staying in 5-star hotels and being chauffered around in a Mercedes. Well, she loved backpacking, (Flowed Lands and Algonquin from Tahawus) even after the mud and mosquitos and then she sat on her glasses and had to tape them together with adhesive tape.

My 9-yr. old daughter Eva has been island camping every summer since she was 9 mos., including canoe-camping on Saranac when she wasn't quite two. She loves the outdoors and especially hiking (did Cascade twice in a week when she was six.) Anyway, seemed like she might be ready for a hike this past spring. I bought new gear (it sure is a lot better than what I had in the 70's) and soloed Giant Mtn from 9N on May 28th this year (it was about 30 at the lean-to and snowed all the way to the summit the next day.) Eva joined me for the same trip on June 26th and loved it. Good thing she was with me the second time, there were chest-high maples after Owl Head lookout and she was under them and saw a newly-shed copperhead before we stepped on it. I shooed it off the trail before realizing I'd missed an incredible photo-op, it's head was as bright as a new penny!

Since then, I've hiked a few weekends. Camped on middle Saranac (after fording the creek) and then hiked Ampersand Mtn. the next day. My 86-year-old dad and I canoed to Weller pond in early October and last weekend I hiked in to the Ward Brook lean-to to reconnoiter for a spring hike to the Sewards with my daughter in May. It was so beautifully cold and quiet and my winter wear and sleeping bag performed great. My wife, Donna, loves camping and hiking too, but unfortunately has rheumatoid arthritis. She now has two surgically repaired feet and might be able to do the hike into Ward Brook and do some birding while Eva and I do some climbing, I sure hope so.

Quiet, natural sounds, the spirit of rock and earth, water and tree, the potential for solitude, I'm never happier than when I'm hiking in the Adirondacks.

Thanks for reading this and thanks for the forum!

Judgeh 11-27-2004 05:49 PM

You should talk to Dick. He's a music prof at Skidmore.

Wldrns 11-27-2004 07:36 PM

I grew up just outside the western Blue Line, with lots of experience many years ago hunting with my dad in the #4 Stillwater area as well as his homestead on Tug Hill. Since then I've been doing mostly solo off trail bushwhacking anywhere I can be remote. I tend to shy away from the crowded high peaks and peak bagging, instead concentrating on the endless numbers of small ponds in the western region. I'll see no one for days at a time though it takes lots of work to get there, especially since the '95 blowdown. Those are still my favorite places to go. I used to just hike to those remote ponds, but have found the pleasures of packing a Hornbeck canoe with me in recent years.

I love navigating with only map and compass and most importantly observation of natural surroundings to find my way. I do not care for the distraction of GPS for recreational hiking no matter where I go and find it unnecessary in the 'daks, though I will use one when working with a seach and rescue team. I am a licensed guide, but do not independently take out paying clients due to insurance issues. As an active scouter I teach the love of wilderness with low impact camping and advanced flatwater American freestyle canoeing techniques to boy scouts and their high adventure leaders.

Dick 11-29-2004 10:53 PM

Doug, welcome to the forum!


Originally Posted by Judgeh
You should talk to Dick. He's a music prof at Skidmore.

Guilty as charged. I'm also originally from NJ. There are several musicians on the forum, actually.

You've had some great experiences. It's wonderful to be able to hike as a family. Three of our family are avid hikers, and we haven't yet given up on the fourth! I have fond memories of canoeing and camping on Middle Saranac, and of climbing Ampersand, in spite of the crowds.


LtHiker 12-01-2004 12:49 PM

Hi, I am new to ADK hiking my first ADK trip was with Lumberzac on the Dix range. I got to experience ADK herd paths, bushwacking, slide climbing, sleet, sideways rain and hiking after dark in the fog and rain. It was a great trip! I am coming back up to do a winter trip from the loj to uphill leanto to Marcy to I think feldspar leanto. this weekend.

Rik 12-03-2004 12:39 PM

Ok time to finally chime in on this thread. Would have done so sooner but it took me about a month to read it! I'm Rik (obviously). I'm 33 years old and live at the southern end of the ADKs. I grew up in Saratoga although both parents are from southern Vermont so I also spent a lot of time there as a kid. Dad came from a hunting family so that was my early exposure to the outdoors. The first hiking/climbing I remember was at summer camp when I was ten. We climbed Pilot Knob and Buck Mountain on Lake George. Wasn't exactly hooked but these are very vivid memories. In high school started climbing some of the southern adirondacks such as Hadley, Buck, and Crane. Then I was starting to get hooked. Did first high peak trip in 1992 through Avalanche Pass and then up over Algonquin and Wright. Now I was definitely hooked. Did a few more high peaks that year (Phelps, Gothics, Armstrong, Wolfjaws) and then decided to start working on the 46 list. Made it about 2/3 through the list when I discovered other lists of mountains. I moved to Arizona for about a year where I hiked mostly canyons. I missed the northeast and returned when family health issues arose. I went back to work on my 46 and finished in 1998. I am definitely a peakbagger but I use the lists to decide where to hike next. I tend not to be overly ambitious about finishing lists until I'm close to finishing. Currently working on 4 season 46 and hope to finish my winter round this winter while at the same time adding to my winter catskill list. Next year I hope to make progress towards my 115 which still needs 24 Maine and NH peaks. I also want to begin section hiking the Long Trail. I get distracted usually by other trips often.
For employment I am a program director for a supported housing program serving mentally ill adults and families.
My other hobbies include running, reading, writing fiction, and cycling.
I have two dogs which hike often. One has over 60 of 115 while the puppy is in her 40s. I often hike with my wife or solo but occasionally get out with others.
Ok, enough about me. Great, fun , site. THanks

Hollywood 12-23-2004 08:41 PM

About me....
I just finished reading 158 posts to this thread. Wow! What a great, diverse group we belong to. :headbang:
My name is Don and I live in Eagle Mills, NY, just east of Troy. I'm 57, have a beautiful wife and daughter and two sons. I have climbed 10 of the 46. It's a good thing there is no time limit because my first was Marcy in 1957! (Did it again about 20 years ago).
After several trips to Lake Placid for hockey tournaments with my kids I decided that it would be fun to go for a family hike. We did the loj to Avalanche Lake the year before the last slide and it was great....sooo, I persuaded my wife and youngest son to try a high peak. We did Cascade & Porter and BANG! I was hooked. My wife suffers with asthma so these peaks are rough for her and she doesn't always accompany me...she has 4, and my boys can take it or leave it (but I think it will stick). I have found myself hiking alone now or on occasion with my brother in law. We alternate staying at a camp on Lake Clear for couple of weekends a year or camp in Wilmington.
I used to be a hockey player, Redhawk, but a car accident cut my carreer short (broken neck). Now I ref games at various levels throughout the tri city area. And yes, fvrwld, you probably have yelled at me from the stands! Was that your kid with the miinor and the misconduct?
Anyway, I've lived in Colorado and Utah and wish the hiking bug had bitten me back then. I was a ski instructor at Alta for a year but I don't think the ride up in the chairlift counts.
So, When is this hockey game I've been hearing about? Can I be on the same team as Martin and Neil? Is it true that Redhawk will be in the net? Hey Neil, My dad was from about flat!
I'm planning on hitting the trails hard this coming summer and would love some company....hopefully I'll run into some of you folks.

Head 12-24-2004 12:34 PM

How the hell I ever missed this post, I'll never know but here goes nothin'!
My name is Mike (Head to most). Im 46r #4910. Ive been hiking the ADKs since the early 80's. Im currently working on the NE 115, and were 1 trip away from finishing the Catskill 3500. Ive been married to my wife, Buglegs, (Tammy) for 7 years and have a daughter, Caitlyn. Im the webmaster for Birdhead Studios and ....umm....thats about it!

Ned Kipperson 12-25-2004 10:49 PM

Hi. My name is not Ned Kipperson. I'm a 29 year old employee of a state bureaucracy that is often criticized without much understanding of it's role. I like this forum so far. It seems less righteous than VFTT.

I've hiked a lot in the Adk's when I lived in Saranac Lake, Wilmington, and Chazy. I've also spent a lot of good times in the Catskills, having lived in a tent in Denning for 2 summers during college. Now, I do most of my exploring in the Hudson Highlands area were I live and work, and in the Rensselaer hills near my parents live. I feel like I'm boasting when I tell folks about the winter peakbagging I've done, so I won't. My favorite woods activity is cross country/backcountry skiing in the mountains. Right now, I'm more into hunting whitetails and fishing for brook trout and largemouths and hiking more out of the way areas, outside the high peaks.
Here are some recent pictures of me at a party:
:boozing: :dance: :headbang: :drink:

TrailBlazeradk 12-29-2004 09:12 AM

A Little About Me
Hello my name is Roger. I am new to the Plattsbugh area where I work at SUNY. I have hiked with my father all my life growing up in West Virginia and just have started to hike the ADK's. I am looking forward to attacking the peaks next summer. When I'm not hiking I enjoy camping and fishing with my wife and two boys.

AdRegion 12-30-2004 11:34 AM

Hi everyone, I'm Doug. I work for Adirondack Tourism as a marketing specialist and hope to tap your collective wisdom for some upcoming project I have. Specifically, I'm hoping to develop a GPS/GIS component to the information offerings we currently have. This would include exportable waypoint lists, routes, lodging, attraction, etc data. Eventually I'd like to integrate this into our online mapping. I welcome contact from anyone interested in this subject, especially those that might have advanced knowledge of GIS and creation of GPS compatable basemaps.

Trailpatrol 12-30-2004 12:30 PM

Avatar Explanation
My new avatar is a little small to see the details, but it is a painting of the fabled rescue of Norwegian crown prince Haakon Haakonsson in Lillehammer Norway, in 1206 by the Bierkibeiners.

It came from this picture:

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