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Tomcat 10-16-2020 10:59 PM

Black Forest Trail PA
Last week I hit the Black Forest Trail as an overnighter. The hike was much easier than the hype on how difficult the trail is. I wasn't sure if I could do it as an overnight trip with the short days but I covered 27 miles on the first day- the miles really just flew by especially on the plateau. There are lots of views and the foliage was decent. Much of the first wave of color blew off the trees with heavy winds but still plenty of color. Water was scary low. Many of the smaller streams were dry.

I have the full TR with lots of photos at my website at the link below.

hikingandwildex 10-17-2020 06:00 AM

A lot of people tend to overrate the difficulty of trails in the Mid-Atlantic states, I've noticed. This trail in West Virginia is another one that was much easier than I expected it to be based on the reviews online. I also wasn't surprised that one of the only people who thought otherwise (and wrote "Relatively easy trail compared to other trails labeled as hard on All Trails") primarily hikes in the Adirondacks.

Nice photos! Will check out the entire post when I have some more time since I'd like to hike more of the Black Forest Trail in the future. Only got around to Hemlock Mountain so far, which was breathtaking from the overlook spots...

trailnotfound 10-30-2020 07:13 PM

I think the BFT is often rated as hard because it's being compared to other trails in the region. Most people hiking it are at least somewhat local, so it makes sense to compare it to the West Rim Trail or Quehanna Trail instead of something from the High Peaks or Colorado.

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