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Another short walk in the woods, WLWF, 8 Feb, 2024

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  • Another short walk in the woods, WLWF, 8 Feb, 2024

    Tredhed and I took advantage of another bluebird day to drive up to the Hamilton County Mosquito Preserve (our cabin) in the lovely Town of Wells. After checking out the cabin and making sure things were in proper order, we donned the snowshoes for a short hike around the local swamp.

    2a Swamp - Copy.jpg

    After walking up the snow packed road for about 100 yds, we hooked left into the Wilcox Lake Wild Forest for a short bushwhack to the local snowmobile trail. The woods were spectacular today. The snow was only about a foot deep with a crust over the top. Perfect for snowshoeing.

    2f old road - Copy.jpg

    As we skirted above the swamp, we both noticed the enormous size of some of the pine trees.

    2c woods - Copy.jpg

    One of the highlights of this short walk is the old road that we cut a few hundred yards into the woods. A remnant of the late 1800's, this long forgotten path, expertly benched into the hillside, serves as a guide only for wildlife and the few locals who know about it.

    2g old road - Copy.jpg

    After a few hundred yards, the old road dumps us out on the local snowmobile trail. From what we could tell, there was at least one brave soul who rode their sled down this trail in the past. It must have been some time ago as the track wasn't very fresh and seemed to be covered with snow and melting ice. While there were a few bare-boot prints along the way it was just us in the woods today on this little used trail.

    2l Coulombe Cr trail - Copy.jpg

    We walked down the trail until our turn around time. We had no real destination in mind, just a walk in the woods on a beautiful day.

    2r trail - Copy.jpg

    Along the way, we noticed evidence of some of the natives who call this chunk of the Wilcox Lake Wild Forest home. A red squirrel was busy at the base of this pine tree making quick work out of some cones.

    2s squirrel leavings - Copy.jpg

    It was also neat to see what a hungry pileated woodpecker could do to a pine tree.

    2y woodpecker - Copy.jpg

    When we hit our turn around time, we doubled back and soon came to the small bridge over the outlet of the lake.

    2t bridge - Copy.jpg

    After signing out of the woods, we reflected on the reflection of the sun off the ice on the outlet marsh..

    2v outlet - Copy.jpg

    All in all, it was a huge payback for just a little effort this morning. It was nothing fancy, but we enjoyed our time in the woods. We were fortunate to have a few hours to get out and embrace this fantastic area on a gorgeous mid-winter day. Hopefully, we'll be able to get a out a few more times on snowshoes before the snow melts and the black flies invade our personal space.
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    Good exercise for you!

    Wore snowshoes only 2x this winter. Perhaps no more this season. Got 6 pairs collecting dust!

    Wanted to donate 2 pairs of snowshoes we hardly ever used and 2 winter backpacks (just like new) to local adk chapter, only to find out recently that they disbanded last spring.