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Austin Falls, JRWF, 21 Sep, 2022

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  • Austin Falls, JRWF, 21 Sep, 2022

    I'm so happy the Forum is back on-line. Thanks to all the folks who rebuilt it and for the upcoming migration (hopefully the old threads make it).

    I had a great opportunity this morning to take my youngest daughter for a short hike on the last day of summer. Austin Falls in the Jessup River Wild Forest was our destination. Pulling up to the old Rt. 8/30 bridge, we quickly got ready for the short walk on an "abandoned" highway.

    1a2 Bridge.jpg

    After walking around the barricade and dodging copious amounts of poison ivy, we took in the views of the mighty Sacandaga River.

    1b2 Sacandaga River.jpg

    We were both surprised to see a very active logging operation going on right on the other side of the bridge (in the Speculator Tree Farm tract). We sat here for a while and watched them load huge hardwood logs on to the trailer for the journey to the mill.

    3g loading.jpg

    Eventually, we pulled ourselves away from watching other people work and headed up the old road. It was neat to see the old guardrails alongside the steep stretches of embankment.

    1e2 guardrail.jpg

    The road is an easy walk as it skirts the boundary of the tree farm (right) and the JRWF (left). The sound of the river was always in our ears.

    3f road.jpg

    Soon, we arrived at the designated campsite along the route. It's actually a nice little spot right alongside the river. The old maps list it as a "picnic area".

    3a DCS.jpg

    The neat thing about late summer hiking are the large amounts of wildflowers around. These New England Asters attracted a hungry bee.

    3e aster.jpg

    As if the roaring water wasn't an indication, a sign that let us know we arrived at our destination.

    2a AF.jpg

    A small herd path led down to the bottom of the falls and provided a great place to soak in the majesty of the falls.

    2d2 AF.jpg

    Pictures can't do justice to the power of the river and the sound and feeling of the crashing water.

    2g3 AF.jpg

    After a nice long break, we headed straight back down the way we came. The logging truck had passed while we were at the falls, so we took our time walking and daydreamed about the beauty of the forest. Any time I get to spend with my kids is special and I cherish these memories.
    Tick Magnet

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    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you and your daughter had a great time! Love that second-last pic showing the rushing waters on the Sacandaga River.

    I stopped there on Saturday 9/10, but decided to drive onto my next destination after seeing a ton of cars in the parking lot. I figured I could always go back some other time when it's not so crowded since it's right off Route 30.


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      Very nice photos Tick Magnet!!! ........................ Tony


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        Thanks folks. It was a nice little walk to a beautiful location.
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          Nice spot, thanks for sharing the photos.
          "Everyone must believe in something. I believe I'll go canoeing."
          - Henry David Thoreau


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            Thanks for the pictures and description. It looks like a beautiful area, and it's always fun to watch logs being loaded.