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Forked Lake - June 26-30 2022

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  • Forked Lake - June 26-30 2022

    Glad to report on a rejuvenating trip to a beautiful spot in the heart of the park.

    Spent a half-day covering the trails along the east shore of the north bay (the trails that lead to the sites), and then the dirt road up to Buttermilk Falls and the overlook.

    The star of the show was the paddling -- choppy at times in the open water, but a great, long, wild lake with a ton of awesome shoreline and history.

    The sunsets were amazing, the loons were loud, and my fellow campers were courteous and friendly.

    I'll be back for sure!wwww

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    Was on Forked Lake on the 9th. Great 'Bluebird Skies' day in the high 70's spent paddling around down to the north fork and back and fly fishing the shorelines from my kayak with a popping bug. Hooked into multiple big largemouths and a couple smallmouths who returned to the lake hopefully much wiser than before. Broke two off that took my bug down into the sunken trees and rocks and must've wrapped around something to get free. Lots of fun!
    Rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy


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      Klink - sounds like a great day. Smallmouths on the surface are a blast. I have had lots of success with Betts in yellow. I also trim the rubber legs a bit - makes them a bit easier to cast and control.


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        sorry - got a bit off of the paddling topic.