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Sugarloaf mountain in the Town of Willsboro

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  • Sugarloaf mountain in the Town of Willsboro

    As a member of CATS (the Champlain Area Trail System), I got an email that they were creating a new trail to Sugarloaf mountain on Saturday, 11/13. I was disappointed that I was tied up that day and, it was raining heavily then, so I didn't know if the event would occur. However, this trail isn't exactly new, because it does appear on my GAIA OpenStreetMap layer, so yesterday my wife and I decided to try out this trail. We got to what probably will be the trailhead (there were three cars parked along the side of the road) and started walking. We soon met a group of 4 or 5 people coming down and were warned that some of the trail is on private property so watch out for hunters. The first part of this route is actually on Carver Road, a public gravel road which is also a snowmobile trail. We got to the place where our route left the road, as did the snowmobile route and we followed it. It is well marked, with several signs saying "sugarloaf" (or "'loaf") and two labeled "Fresno". We soon got to a clearing and our route left the snowmobile route and started to climb. It was fairly hard to follow in places, requiring 'whacking, but periodically we would see a ribbon, so we proceeded to the top, which has quite a nice view of the "Reber Valley", as well as Lake Champlain and a distant view of Giant and other High Peaks.
    There were many shagbark Hickory trees near the summit!
    PS - saw no evidence of recent trail building.
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