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Eagle Pond, WLWF, 7 Oct, 2021

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  • Eagle Pond, WLWF, 7 Oct, 2021

    Looking at the weather report last night, I decided I had to head out into the woods today. I didn't have much time and needed a short walk close to home. It also had to have a lot of interesting features. Eagle Pond in the Wilcox Lake Wild Forest fit the bill nicely.

    Arriving early at the Rt. 8 trailhead, I quickly shouldered my pack and headed up the unmarked path. The path climbs steeply for the first third of a mile, but is well maintained.

    1d lower trail.jpg

    After climbing around 300', the first beaver meadow is a good distraction and a great place to explore the old dam, creek and meadow. The spider webs were magical in the early morning fog.

    1e 1st beaver pond.jpg

    The path is still easy to follow for another .4 miles as it climbs another 100' to the second beaver meadow. This feature was dry the last time I was here and it looks like the beavers are back at it.

    1j 2nd beaver pond.jpg

    This is where the path gets a little sketchy. Once I was finished exploring the beaver pond, I tried to find the path again for the final push to Eagle Pond. I may have been on it for a few minutes, but it was quickly lost due to heavy brush and steep terrain. No matter, I could hear the outlet stream on my right and knew I was coming to one of the highlights of the walk; the Boulder Rock designated campsite. The boulder is massive (the size of a two story house) and I wonder if the bouldering crowd had found it yet? Looks like fun.

    1k Boulder Rock.jpg

    While exploring the boulder, I remember what a wise man told me, "Every once in while, look up".

    1n look up.jpg

    After basking in the majesty of the Boulder Rock, I made the final push to Eagle Pond. Remembering to come in high and stay away from the marshy shoreline until the last minute, I hit the designated campsite right on the money.

    2d EP.jpg

    The leaky old boat is still there and no, I didn't take it out for a spin. I stayed at the pond for about an hour basking in the sun and watching a very large beaver check me out from across the pond. As a bonus, several large flocks of geese were noisily winging their way south.

    2b EP.jpg

    I was starting to get a little hungry, so I knew it was time to set out for the ledges; my lunch spot for today. Setting the appropriate compass heading and trying to stay on course required vigilance, but I soon arrived at the ledges on Harrington Mt. The views were intense.

    Due west were the Blue Hills

    3i Blue Hills.jpg

    To the north was Black Mt.

    3j Black Mt.jpg

    Between Black and Blue was County Line Mt. rising up from the heart of the Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area.

    3e Black and Blue.jpg

    The view certainly made my sandwich taste better, but soon it was time to move on down the hill. Again, setting up the proper compass heading, I carefully picked my way down the steep hillside intersecting the path near the first beaver meadow. Then it was just a hop, skip and a jump back down to Rt. 8. Every year, I try to get into the woods at peak foliage. This year, I think I nailed it.
    Tick Magnet

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        Wow - touch 'em all! This is fabulous.


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          Thanks everyone. I hope you all are able to get out this weekend and enjoy the beautiful colors.
          Tick Magnet


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            Beautiful..thx for sharing the trip