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Long Pond, SPWA, 20 Sep, 2021

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  • Long Pond, SPWA, 20 Sep, 2021

    For our last hike of the summer, Tredhed and I decided to revisit Long Pond in the Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area. After a quick stop at Charlie Johns in Speculator to pick up lunch, we headed up Elm Lake Rd. and into the Speculator Tree Farm easement.
    1a1 TH.jpg
    The seven miles went by quickly as the dirt road was in great condition. Low clearance vehicles can probably make it with no problems as long as they go slow. Once we arrived at the designated parking area, we shouldered our day packs and headed towards the wilderness. First, we had to cross a recent clear cut. It was neat to see the pioneer species repopulating this harvested area.
    1c trail.jpg
    In a few minutes, we crossed into the Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area and the atmosphere changed dramatically. We added our names to the trail register noting that it's been three years since we've been back here.
    1f register.jpg
    Crossing Cisco Brook on a "new" bridge...
    2c bridge.jpg
    We headed up the Old Kunjamuk Rd. marked with red DEC disks and blue tabs to designate that this is part of the North Country Scenic Trail.
    3a trail.jpg
    We always get a kick out of Benchmarks we see along the way. Does anyone know the story behind these and why they were installed in 1942 at the height of WW II?
    3f2 BM.jpg
    A little over a mile from the trailhead, the red disked trail to Long Pond leaves the old Kunjamuk Rd. and heads deeper into the wilderness. The trail was very pleasant to walk; however, we noted one area near Rock Pond that had some massive blowdown. Some work had been done to clear the way, but there are many "limbo trees" hanging over the trail.
    3s trail.jpg
    A few minutes past Rock Pond and the blowdown, we approached our destination: the point on Long Pond.
    5a point.jpg
    The views from the point never disappoint us. The views around the pond are fantastic and in the early afternoon the shadows on the ledges are dramatic.
    5s cliffs.jpg
    After lounging around, rehydrating and having our CJ's sandwiches we headed back down the trail to check on Round Pond. We limbo'd under the blowdown and checked out the designated campsite. Randy from the Poconos was there having spent the previous night. We chatted for a few minutes and then snapped the obligatory "rock shot".
    6b Rock Pond.jpg
    Bidding our farewells to Randy from the Poconos, we headed back down the trail to the trailhead. We had a nice drive back down Elm Lake Rd. to "civilization". We made it back to the Hamilton Lake Mosquito Preserve just in time for cocktail hour where we reminisced about a great hike to an even greater destination.
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    Wow - what a spot. Thanks for the report.


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      Thanks! It really is a cool place.

      The point is one of the best picnic spots I've ever been to (no camping disks posted, sorry). The gentle sloping rock is awesome for swimming. It's almost a sheer drop off to the left making it good for jumping/diving. Views of the ledges and a distant Kunjamuk Mt. are exceptional.
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        Nice photos & TR, TM!
        Long Pond is definitely one of my favorites. I was there last fall with my brother in law during hunting season. When passing the cabin near the trailhead we chatted with a few hunters who taken a nice buck. Most of them were pretty nice but when we told them we were heading to Long Pond and to the top of the cliffs one of hunters told us to “jump off”.


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          Originally posted by Justin View Post
 of hunters told us to “jump off”.

          We tried, but the spruce was too thick!
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            Spectacular photos! Always enjoy your trip reports.


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              Originally posted by debmonster View Post
              Spectacular photos! Always enjoy your trip reports.
              Thanks! I'll keep 'em coming
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