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Algonquin - Apr 24th

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  • Algonquin - Apr 24th

    Had a long weekend planned but had to compress it into two days. So left Rochester for ADK Loj Sat afternoon. Camped overnight, hiked and returned Sun evening.

    Weather was outstanding. 30's overnight, frozen mud to start out with and warming up as day went on. I think it is referred to as a "blue jay" day. On top we had mild wind but clear visibility.

    Peak was snow free, as were woods. Trails however still had snow pack and ice. Spikes pretty much mandatory right after McIntyre Falls. Negotiating the ice slowed us down somewhat so we were unable to get Wright & Iroquois in. This was disappointing - especially since it was just. so. close. The designated campsite was intriguing though so maybe we will pack in a bit and try it again.

    Images are large so I will provide as links:

    Lunch Stop

    Almost there


    Ice On Trail

    More Ice On Trail

    Peak Panoramic

    Things that worked well: Klymit insulated ground pads, new cheap Walmart day pack for daughter, Hillsound Freestep spikes, Trangia alky stove, sawyer squeeze filter, new trekking pole, daughter as hiking partner.

    Things to improve: Driving 5 hours home after 9 hours on trail . Replace my aged Northface daypack. Must now buy wood at Loj. I had brought in pre-treated dried fire wood. I understood the local ban but thought commercially purchased wood within 50 miles was ok; but Loj wants you to buy their wood (fair price). No worries - happy to comply.

    I am still way to out of shape for this. Was huffing and puffing above tree line. But look forward to our next adventure.
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    Eyes on the Forest, not on the Trees

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    Cool TR. Looks like a great day. How was the wind on Wright? Usually it's a wind tunnel.Enjoy your time with your daughter!
    "Now he walks in quiet solitude the forest and the streams
    Seeking grace in every step he takes
    His sight has turned inside himself to try and understand
    The serenity of a clear blue mountain lake" -John Denver


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      We actually skipped Wright and Iroquois. I regret it now but at the time it was the right decision. We were ok with daylight but I still had a 5 hour drive afterwards and wished to be home prior to midnight.

      Daughter is a bit of a daredevil and I am trying to teach respect for these mountains. We usually have a "turn around time" in mind before we leave. And on this trip agreed that deep snow would thwart us as well - but we lucked out with hardly any snow (but plenty of ice).

      We met a couple who camped at McIntyre Falls and they shared that they tried Algonquin twice the previous two days and were turned back by blizzard conditions.

      I think we got real lucky with the weather.
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      Eyes on the Forest, not on the Trees