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Seymour, Tabletop, RPR Nov 15-17

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  • Seymour, Tabletop, RPR Nov 15-17

    Hello all, I just finished my 46 on RPR Tuesday Nov 17. A quick report:

    All trails are great in the morning when they're frozen, the Ward Brook trail and the Van Hoevenberg highway were swamps once the sun hit. On all three peaks I needed spikes halfway up, nothing more than microspikes. The descent into the col from Giant to RPR is treacherous, probably due to the little traffic it gets, there weren't many options, and a lot of ice covered slabs. All three peaks were in good shape, by afternoon a lot of the rime and other ice had melted in the sun.

    Snow levels pretty low, maybe 4000' or a bit less.

    The Roaring Brook Trail down from Giant is in great shape and a beautiful trail.

    I have a bunch of pictures of the trails here:


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    Congratulations! Nice pics and write-up on your blog too! WooHoo to you!


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      Well done, sir!


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        Congratulations! Would love to hear your 24 year story. I live in Cincy, which is the futherst distance from Ohio to the took me a while to finish as well.
        "Now he walks in quiet solitude the forest and the streams
        Seeking grace in every step he takes
        His sight has turned inside himself to try and understand
        The serenity of a clear blue mountain lake" -John Denver


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          Originally posted by All Downhill From Here View Post
          Hello all, I just finished my 46 on RPR

          I had 35 done by 1983 and then got bored and stopped. Came back in 2010 and finished the balance. Felt like Rip Van Winkle. Closing in on my 7th round now.

          The descent into the col from Giant to RPR is treacherous, probably due to the little traffic it gets
          I assume you were being sarcastic because that trail gets a lot of traffic (and explains why it is so eroded). Had you continued past RPR, to Bald Peak, you'd notice a marked improvement in the trail's quality (that section sees less traffic).

          If I read your blog report correctly, I believe you fell near a man-high ledge on Giant's side of the col. It is next to a spur trail that leads to a slide with an excellent view of RPR and Roaring Brook valley. That ledge gets wider and messier every year. Some day the trees will topple over and make it even more challenging.

          Man-high ledge
          Looking for views!


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            It actually wasn't there, if I recall it was farther down. A similar ledge though.

            The trail from the Giant cutoff is tight and looks infrequently travelled, then as the pitch steepens gets wider and more blown out like the picture you have there.


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              Panorama shot

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