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Lake Lila and Mount Frederica - 9/28/14

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  • Lake Lila and Mount Frederica - 9/28/14

    I've always heard great things about Lake Lila so my wife and I went to check it out Sunday, even though we had our dog with us and no boats. We took the Lake Lila access road to the designated parking lot at the end of the road, then checked out the .3 mile canoe carry to the lake before taking the 4.5 mile hike along the north shore of the lake to Mount Frederica.

    We were wishing the whole time that we could have used our boats, but with the outstanding fall colors it wasn't bad to be land-locked either.

    The route to Mount Frederica is mostly a gravel jeep road until the last .3 miles or so and therefore is a quick 2 hour hike to the summit. The lake is visible for the first 1.5 miles, then is close by until the trail splits at the 3 mile mark to climb the 500 feet to Mount Frederica.

    What a great reward in terms of views for such an easy hike effort, and with the leaves in full color, it was doubly nice.

    We also hiked into Round Lake which lies just north of Lake Lila. We parked on the shoulder of Sabattis Road and had camped on Saturday night at campsite # 9 on the SW shore of the lake. Another nice spot.

    What a great weekend to be out.

    Lots of great fall pics from the trip here.

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    I've been to Lila many, many times, starting in '83 when the great camp still was there.

    Your photos from the Mt Frederica cliffs are the most vivid I have seen ever!! You sure got lucky with the foliage and the weather!!
    Too bad about the train station...I was up in the attic years ago, not much chance now.
    Are you going top go back with a canoe?


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      I don't have a canoe, but I'll be back with a kayak. Do you have any favorite campsite there?

      Have you paddled on Round Lake at all?
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        My wife wanted to visit Nehasane Lodge soon after the state acquired it in 1979. I had been there before, hiking in from the Stillwater side when it was still an operating lodge. We planned a hike there from the new Sabattis road access as soon as the weather warmed in the spring. At that time you could not drive in, it was a 5 mile hike from the Sabattis road where it was gated. I learned shortly before we went that the DEC burned the lodge. Sad, but we went anyway. The char was so fresh it seemed it was almost still smoldering. I remember great chimneys still standing, with multiple fireplaces, one on each floor. After that they bulldozed everything and covered it with earth to become a grassy mound.
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          Yes, I've paddled every inch of Round Lake, as well as Round Lake Outlet to the confluence with the Bog and beyond.
          Round is fine for sunsets, but it too gets whipped by the prevailing winds for my tastes.
          On Lila, I prefer the sites on the south side, the farther from the road the better. I've been stuck on the tennis courts too many times...the spring is long gone (where did it go??) and I see the train station looks like it will be gone soon too. There is another overlook along the northern side...
          When you go back with a boat, be sure to explore Harrington and Rainer Brooks, you'll really enjoy them.

          Here's the train station in '84...we crawled all around and in it then. Filled to the attic with bats. Sure could use those bats now!!

          And here's the tracks when the trestle at that little brook washed out, was it Summer (Sumner?) Brook? IDK...

          Another view

          And somewhere I have scanned photos of when MDB and I crawled in and around the lodge...I'm struggling to find it.
          In the mean time, here is what's left of the lodge in the summer of '84. It was burned in March of ' of the rangers that was there told me that the ice melted for 100 yards from shore that day.

          I did find this photo of MDB getting water from the spring. See the spring house in the background? Also long gone. This was right behind the tennis courts.

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            Wldrns & Stripperguy - Thanks for all the history and the old pictures! When I see old buildings and artifacts in the woods, I love learning about what used to be there and imagining what it was like.

            Thanks also Stripperguy for the info on the campsites.
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              Thanks for the effort in posting those old pictures and the current pics, all are fantastic but yet it is kinda sad that certain structures could not be preserved... and those wash-out pics are impressive in relevance to the size of the stream, that must have been one hell of a down pour, or was it a spring thaw?
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                I found some of the old lodge photos here at work...
                These were from when MDB and I visited Lila in '83


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                  The washout that left the tracks suspended occurred because the culvert was plugged by beavers. The beavers got a nice big pond for their efforts until the water started flowing over the embankment. Once the embankment started to go, I imagine there was plenty of water in the pond to do that kind of damage.

                  I skied in to the lodge in 1981. I'll try to find a photo I have of my partner rock climbing on the big fireplace.
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                    Lake Lila and Mount Frederica - 9/28/14

                    This thread is providence!! I just joined this forum with the express intent to ask about Lake Lila for hiking... And here's this post! Ha!

                    I'm intending to take a couple days hiking in that area, but my concerns have been twofold: first, can I even drive my car up the road to the parking area, and second, is it as busy as everyone says its going to be?

                    I don't have a lot of ground clearance (Jetta Sportwagens aren't particularly well known for their off-road prowess), and I want to make sure I don't run the risk of breaking anything. What's the road like? Is it capable of being navigated will minimal ground clearance with a bit of care?

                    Also, I'm probably heading there in the second week of October. I suspect I'll have missed the foliage, alas! Are the campsites usually full this late in the season?

                    Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing. Really looking forward to doing some camera work on Frederica, and even perhaps some Milky Way photos at night. We'll see...


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                      Great! Thanks for joining the forum. The access road is fine. I drove it in a VW Jetta. I can't speak for October, but it was crowded last weekend (perfect weather and leaves).


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                        Thanks Stripperguy and Tony for the added info!


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                          As promised, here is a photo of the lodge in 1981(may show as split in two) and a photo of the "first ascent(?)" of the great chimney.

                          I guess I still haven't figured out how to post photos, but if you right click on the ?s and select show in new tab, you'll see the photos.
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                          Every time that wheel turns round, bound to measure just a little more ground.


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                            Originally posted by tgoodwin View Post
                            As promised, here is a photo of the lodge in 1981(may show as split in two) and a photo of the "first ascent(?)" of the great chimney.

                            I guess I still haven't figured out how to post photos, but if you right click on the ?s and select show in new tab, you'll see the photos.
                            Nice! Thanks for sharing.


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                              Thanks for all the pictures everyone. That lodge was pretty awesome.