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Lake Lila and Mount Frederica - 9/28/14

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    Originally posted by tgoodwin View Post
    As promised, here is a photo of the lodge in 1981(may show as split in two) and a photo of the "first ascent(?)" of the great chimney.

    I guess I still haven't figured out how to post photos, but if you right click on the ?s and select show in new tab, you'll see the photos.
    tGoodwin - I was able to find your photos by your original link(s) and stitch the one together- they are attached below. I hope you don't mind!

    While I love Lake Lila the way it now is, can't help but feel sadness that such a beautiful structure had to go. We were just able to go upstairs into the train station the first time I visited in the very early 90's, 2nd visit to the station was too dangerous, the last time, was not possible. A car sized hole in roof, means it isn;t long for this world. It's a long story I may tell & show at a later date, but a group of us may have been the last semi-official/legal rail drop-off & 4 days later, pick-up at the station. Know that we took 5 large garbage bags of beer cans with us, gathered as we waited for our ride, presumably from snowmobilers who find empties too heavy to take back... mention this next time you get into that argument about motorized access.

    I was able to tour the Lows Lake camp before it got knocked down. I was too stupid to take any photos. I have heard stories about the fireplace at Nehasane. I heard it had one large rock the size of a small car in it.

    Sorry the fireplace one is horizontal, has to do with max height and width. Would have been half the size if I made it max 768px height.
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      I, for one, would love to hear that story about the train ride!! What year was that? I know the train was running again for the '80 Olympics, but not for long.
      I'll be waiting...