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Trip Report - Lake Lila, 27-30 June

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  • Trip Report - Lake Lila, 27-30 June

    Just a quick (first) post. I've picked up a lot of solid information from these forums and they've definitely been a big help in planning my first canoe trip into the ADK.

    I chose Lila because of the remoteness, and dang, it's remote.

    We arrived on Thursday in hopes of beating out anyone else for an island site. No such luck. Buck Island was available, but we didn't care for the very reedy "beach" there. The weather and lake conditions were decent enough for paddling, but is hard to tell which sites were available and which weren't until we were up close. This resulted in an 3 hour paddle around the lake as we inspected sites only to find that they were taken. We finally settled on #3 as I was close to getting whacked with a paddle if I didn't pick a site (5, 6, 7, 8, 16, 19, 20, and 21 were all taken). We got the site set-up and dinner made as it was getting dark and rain and mosquitoes started to move in.

    And rain it did. From 9-ish Thursday night until 11-ish Friday AM. But our gear held and we stayed dry.

    When it started getting nice out, we paddled around to check out the other sites and found most of the ones that were occupied the previous night had cleared out and I contemplated moving sites, but was told that ours was fine. We also had to make a quick trip back to the parking lot to grab another canister of fuel for the stove that I had stashed in the truck since the one I brought clearly wasn't going to make it through the weekend. More people started rolling in to the lake in the afternoon. We cut some firewood and it started raining again. Off and on, but it was very wet. By Friday night, the weather improved and it was fairly cool and dry with fewer insects.

    Saturday AM, it was raining again. But it cleared enough to go hiking and we made our way to Frederica Mountain where we met up with a group from the interpretive center/museum(?). It was partly sunny, but from our vantage point we could clearly see weather rolling back. There was a small group camping at site 8 and the one sour old grape clearly didn't have time for pleasantries. I'm terribly sorry he picked a campsite next to the trailhead. The patrolling ranger we met with was very pleasant and said she had stopped by our campsite and it "was beautiful". We paddled back to our site while being chased by rain and increasingly larger waves. The weather rolled through and we ended up with a very pleasant night.

    Sunday morning was picture perfect as we packed up and headed back home. Mirror calm and bright blue skies. Such a shame we had to leave.

    As far as the three annoyances we were expecting (on a scale of 1-10), rain was a 7, mosquitoes were a 6, and black flies were a 1(!).

    As for wildlife, we only saw one doe as we paddled into our camp the first time and that was pretty much it. Also a lone loon and an osprey, I think, I didn't get a good look, but it was large bird. However, on our way out on the Lila access road we had a mature black bear run across the road ahead of us. Because of the weather, I didn't do as much fishing as I would have liked, but maybe next time. I also noticed that it seemed like it was much harder paddling with the wind and current on Lila as opposed to paddling into what seemed like the current (based on aquatic vegetation). Weird.
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    Mr Rodder,

    Welcome to the forum...looks like you squeezed in a good time between the rain drops!
    Nice photos, makes me want to go back...
    Now you need to go back and paddle the Shingle Shanty, Harrington Brook, and some of the Beaver...


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      Nice pics; thanks for sharing. I still need to get to that beautiful area....
      High peaks: Summer: 46/46 (1st iteration); 29/46 (2nd); 11/46 (3rd); 7/46 (4th) Winter: 7/46 (1st); 1/46 (2nd)

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        Great TR & photos, thanks for sharing.
        Lila seems just as busy during the week as it is on the weekends, even during stormy weather.


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          I was up there Wed.morning June 19 thru Fri. evening June 21. Had the site
          on Spruce Island. Hardly no bugs at all. Wall to wall Sunshine all three days, except for
          some fog early in the morning. Perfect temperatures, with highs in the low 70's. Night's in the mid 30's to low 40's. The fishing was awesome. Caught. Over 100 small mouth bass between me and a friend. Biggest was 19 1/2". Also caught a few Brooke's in the outlet River. A great time as always. Of course now that I am retired, I only go when the weather is going to be great, and as a former Meteorologist, I usually can get the weather forecast right, which is sometimes tricky in the Adirondacks.


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            I was there Friday the 5th and many sites were open. Considering it is a holiday weekend it was pretty quiet. The weather was spotty, on and off showers and sun.
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              I loved Buck Island! Yes you don't get the sunsets (or sunrises for that matter) but the high ground and open tall trees make a perfect actual camp site.