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Gothics, Pyramid & Sawteeth - 8/24/12

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  • Gothics, Pyramid & Sawteeth - 8/24/12

    [also posted at ADKhighpeaks forum]

    Everybody's been tagging Pyramid lately and I realized that Sawteeth (and Pyramid) is the only high peak I haven't been on in the last 3 years. I also had never been on the Ore Bed trail, so I climbed from the Garden on Friday.

    It was a great day and very few hikers in the area (until we were coming out the Phelps trail at the end of the day).

    I had no memory of how great the view is from Pyramid and I'll reinforce what everyone else has been saying recently... it is one of the best viewpoints in the ADK's.

    I also had no memory of the 1000' drop from Pyramid to the col and the 600' up to Sawteeth... but I like the down up down. I really like the uphill . The downhill is a little tough when the dog is pulling me down faster than I want to go

    My brother-in-law went with me on this trip and he bagged #'s 6 and 7. Gothics was great as always. We had Gothic and Pyramid to ourselves. There was a couple sitting on Sawteeth when we got there.

    We returned the way we came. Round trip measured 16.8 miles and about 4000 vertical. We took 11 hours, including our multiple stops. All-in-all a great day in the mountains.

    Long version and pics here:

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