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Gray - Skylight May 25 2012

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  • Gray - Skylight May 25 2012

    Went in on the 24th from Upper Works to Calamity Leanto. Trail was wet but it was solid in most places. Work could be seen in many spots with new boards and bridges. On the the 25th left leanto at 7:30 and headed to 4 corners via opolescent. Trail from Colden Dam to Upper Leanto was wet and muddy but no problems. Beautiful views of the plumes and falls until trail to 4 corners. From 4 corners upto Gray, it was wet but uneventful til you got to the cliff. There is a herdpath to the right to circumvent the cliff. Up to Gray which was overcast. Down was uneventful to 4 corners except for being very wet from the Gray cairn to 4 corners to start the hike to Skylight. Skylight was very windy and in the clouds. We didn't stay long and then started the hike back to leanto. We arrived approximately 19:00. No problems with black flies or mosquitos. Just a little repellant on hands and back of neck was all that was needed.

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    Gray and Skylight are on my shortlist. I just passed Calamity lean-to on 5/26, but went up Marshall.

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      Nice job, and welcome to the forum. How was that re-route around the cliffy section? Last June is was getting pretty torn up -- looked like it wouldn't last long.

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        It was still pretty messy, but I hadn't been on it since I did Iroquois from the flowed lands a couple years ago. My memory isn't as good as it used to be.