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    Departed ADK Loj around 8am, only slightly nervous about our first 'non-marked' trails.
    I feel so at home in nature and am not a phobic person - so its kind of ironic, my fear of getting lost in the forest.

    The trail turned out to be pretty easy to follow. I was a bit confused at the river crossing because the map made it look like you just shoot straight across the river but the trail continued to the right. Was happy to have brought the guide book along with me as it confirmed we were to follow the bank for a while before crossing.

    Other than that we just followed the beaten path - when in doubt we looked for rocks that were dirty on top from people walking over them, or scraped from hiking poles. Hmm.. might be a bit harder to navigate this way after rain? There were also little rock piles indicating the trail at turns.

    It was a nice 'earthy' trail ...a nice change from the rocky trails from the day before. Only downside is the views weren't as spectacular as some of the other peaks/trails. Back at AdK around 2pm.

    All in all: another great hike on a beautiful day. And I'm up to 16! My little dog is up to 11