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Clear Pond-John Pond Loop Feb 27, 2021

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  • Clear Pond-John Pond Loop Feb 27, 2021

    We skied the 5.3 mile loop clockwise starting at the snowplow turnaround at the end of Wilderness Lane off Starbuck Rd. Writing this from a skier’s perspective, Conditions varied with each mile. The moderate climb to Clear Pond was thinly crusted-over old snowshoe track with a few footprints. Between Clear and John Pond, increased bare booting makes for a bit more challenging descent, with the trail quite “booted up” right near John Pond. An Acquaintance of ours had told us that a local guy works his sled dogs out on the approach in to John Pond and sure enough, the trail was in excellent ski shape from John Pond to the end of the loop and we could clearly see the wide dog sled marks in the snow - wilderness trail grooming! Cloudy conditions but we could dimly make out Puffer Mt at one point near Clear Pond. If the rains hold off, theres enough base for several more weeks of skiing here and a few inches of lake effect snow cover will bring things back to very good.

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    John pond trail is a great ski trail! I've never done the loop you mentioned, but it's a shame the trail was beat up. Seems a lot of people ski John Pond trail, so it's always been nice when I've been there.


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      Yeah, in a perfect world, everybody would ski or snowshoe all the good trails. The irony is that after a big 2 ft dump of powder, all you see are ski tracks and snowshoes and then after the first consolidation of snow to semi-hard, people think "microspikes" are a form of winter gear similar to skis/snowshoes. sorryyy but they ain't.. I saw Tony Goodwin had signed in doing the loop a few days before we did - Hiya Tony! I'm wondering whether it might be good if BETA published a ski conditions report for as much of the Park as feasible, to help encourage people to ski (or snowshoe) more and bare boot less.. use half skins if the trail has an up or down thats beyond you..