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1/3/2021 Gulf Brook Road to Boreas Ponds

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  • 1/3/2021 Gulf Brook Road to Boreas Ponds

    We skied Gulf Brook Road to the dam at Boreas Ponds on Sunday. The parking lot was unplowed since Friday night's new snow, but there was one set of tracks where someone had done a loop through the lot. We didn't have an issue with 4wd. No one had skied the road since the new snow, but we were mostly able to see where the previous track had been and we tried to stay in them as much as possible.

    There was good snow cover the entire way. At the first washout, about 1/2 mile from the parking area, there is a bit of a divot, but you don't have to take off skis. The only other obstacle is a large tree across the road maybe 4 1/2 or 5 miles in.

    We were surprised that no one had skied it Saturday, and also surprised that when we finished in the early afternoon on Sunday we were the only ones to be there.

    Boreas River at LaBier Flow

    View of Gothics from the dam

    LaBier Flow and Boreas Mountain
    ADKHP Wiki

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    Wow! Beautiful!