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  • Oak Mountain

    I had a chance to ski Oak the other week, first time I've been back there since 1988!!

    While the facilities have changed with the new lodge, 4 person chairlift, snowmaking, the vibe is just the same.

    Such a fun, friendly mountain, so many families.
    I happened to catch Oak on a good powder day, knee deep untracked on a couple trails, Barbie and Ken sized bumps on a few, and fresh lines everywhere all day long.
    There was a mild breakable crust on the bottom third of the mountain, but my Wattea's handled that easily.

    I would recommend Oak to any level skier, just a fun, comfortable place.
    Oh, great views too!

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    I've skied there many times with our kids . Like you say , it has a certain vibe , laid back and quiet , at least the times we were there . Woods Valley is also one we like , but it can be busy there .


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      Agreed as well. Matt and Laura have done a tremendous job bringing the place back to life and making it an integral part of the community. They are a key economic player in the area, winter and summer, and the mountain is really a fun place to ski. Nice snowmaking expansion to Oak Mt Run as well as Kunjamuck. Heading there tomorrow!


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        Skied there today...fantastic conditions! Full parking lot and overflowing restaurant (probably 1/3 snowmobilers). All good. Found powder on 4 trails, groomed butter all over the rest of the place. Big fun!