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    Skied Royal with MDB, daughter, SIL, and all three grandkids. This was my first family skiing in nearly a decade, I really enjoy teaching the little ones and seeing them enjoy and improve.
    Conditions could not have been better, great packed powder on the trails and powder on the edges and in the trees. Everyone had a ball, virtually no lift lines even though the parking lot was busy. Still very reasonable prices, too.

    I was surprised by the difference skiing the trees at a ski area vs true back country tree skiing. Even though Royal tends to attract better skiers, and there are less skiers than other areas, the trees are just not as good as my favorite BC spots.
    Still fun, just different.
    If any of you are on the fence about getting out next weekend, just do it. Conditions are the best in years, and will only get better with the coming snows and continued cold temps.


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      Mike, glad your having a good season. I have mostly just trail skied here in Michigan, but am quite happy to have great trail skiing since Christmas.
      I may be heading East next season. I bought David Goodman’s latest edition of Best Backcountry Skiing in the Northeast, which I really liked. He didn’t spill the beans on your honey hole!
      Enjoying the snow and cold!


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        Well, here we are in another ski season, and we're back to Royal.
        Skied yesterday with my favorite daughter, SIL and oldest grandson. Luckily, MDB and I drove up separately, since our granddaughter had a quick start stomach bug, and the littlest guy doesn't last much longer than his group lesson.

        The day started out at 6F, and warmed to nearly 20F by the time we left. Even with minimal natural snow, Royal had nearly every trail open, and even some of the woods in between were skiable...overall excellent conditions. They had maybe 4 or 5 inches fresh the night before, which, even though groomed down flat, made for soft surfaces. There were even Barbie and Ken sized bumps on the farside of the Royal, with some fresh over a broken crust---pretty fun stuff.

        Here's the only pic, as we were leaving.

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          Maybe a chance for Hickory next season, stay tuned. Guarantee it will not be cheap.

          I don't think Snow Ridge get 300-400 inches of snow. I wouldn't be surprised if they got 300 one year in the last 20.

          Royal Mountain powder day:

          Hard to believe a week ago I was riding in a big storm.