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  • BC Snow Reports

    Would it be possible for people to post snow updates here?

    Lets say add a date, region (or unit), and snow depth and type...

    I know there are web plots that show snow-depth and coverage but they aren't always as reliable as first hand information.

    This would be very helpful for those of us who live far away and head up with intentions of skiing determine when and where to go.

    (Trip reports help but they are few and far between on here these days and the other forum only covers high peaks).

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    I refer to this site often for current conditions in the High Peaks region:

    The BREIA conditions page is probably a good indicator of conditions in the SW part of the park:

    Other parts of the park ???


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      Nice links.

      I was hoping for an ongoing community response throughout the winter.


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        Another site to check for Lake Placid area skiing is here though this seems to have delayed info at times: The Garnet Hill and Lapland Lake XC centers normally have good up-to date conditions reports on their web sites. However, since they groom, often they have better conditions than ungroomed locations. If they report recent powder, the woods nearby is normally good skiing.

        I'd encourage ADK skiers who go into the woods to post trip reports here. There aren't enough. Unlike summer hiking, I think the risk of a large quantity of people heading for the places people will post about is low. There just aren't that many adventurous XC skiers willing to tough it out on ungroomed terrain.

        Getting timely first-hand info from skiers is very helpful. Knowing the condition of the snow, not just coverage or depth can greatly impact the quality of skiing, ability required for a trip, and equipment selection. I often have several skis with me and select once i get to a trail based on the conditions and if the trail has been tracked of not. If it's deep but icy, I don't want to risk it in the woods and either don't go, or pay at a groomed area.


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          Yeah I doubt many of the trails will get skied out in the park.

          Locally they do. The snow we received before Thanksgiving weekend went from excellent conditions and unbroken trails to a hard and icy groove in a matter of 3 days. The increase in temperature and a lot of traffic on skis, snowshoes and bare boots without any fresh accumulation killed it quick.
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            My snow report as of 12/08:

            Lake George Area - No snow!
            Wells/Speculator Area - Icy crust 1~2in in areas
            South western area of the park (Russia/Morehouse) had the most snow I saw. Maybe 2 to 5in, some fresh.


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              7 December, working on the replacement bridge over Calkins Brook with the Lean2Rescue crew, there was about a half inch of snow on the ground. Flurries through out the day did not amount to much. We relocated 132 6"x6" 12' very heavy timbers from a swamp where they were dropped by helicopter, about a hundred yards to the trail near the site of the old washed out bridge.

              8 December, same crew hauling materials into Biesmeyer Leanto along Gulf Brook, about the same half inch of snow. The best conditions for both wheeled carts and pulks, but definitely not skis.

              Just west of the Adirondacks, the Breia ski trails are building their base with about an inch and and a half of fresh snow. Non-rocky meadow skiing would be possible in the southern Tug Hill area. A little more lake effect and these trails will be a go.
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                It would be great if this thread could be a sticky at least for the winter season.

                I am Placid bound early in January. Though I will stay with a local, any info is nice.


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                  I was in the southern adirondacks today - Kane Mountain area. Brought my skis hoping to do some skiing in the woods, but only a couple of inches on the ground.


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                    Originally posted by yellowcanoe View Post
                    It would be great if this thread could be a sticky at least for the winter season.
                    Great idea.

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                      Originally posted by fvrwld View Post
                      Great idea.
                      Agreed, a good thread that can be very useful.
                      Adding a photo or two might also be helpful.


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                        Thank you friends.

                        Any info is good IMO.


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                          Glad to see this thread, and converted into a "sticky" no less. Too bad that right now all of the snow seems to be somewhere else.
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                            2 feet of snow fell in Old Forge last night with more expected to fall this evening!


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                              Snow Ridge has 3 to 4' of brand new snow.