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Cliffs on Stacy Mountain (T-Lake Trail)

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  • Cliffs on Stacy Mountain (T-Lake Trail)

    Earlier in the year we went up the T-Lake trail on a weekend jaunt to investigate some cliffs we saw on earlier excursions. Thought adventurous rock climbers would be interested. I am not sure if it has ever been documented, but I thought I'd post it regardless. It is L-shaped, such as the corner the long part of the L faces the trail, then the bottom of the L runs perpendicular to the trail. Has tons of cracks, a sheerwall, and stretches around a little bit. Lots of options I suppose, but the trees seem to make it a little tight but manageable I suppose as well. We navigated around them easily enough to get to the top, lots of steady looking trees but very thick. Getting there was only a fifteen or twenty minute hike/light jog off the trailhead, where they are quite evident on the right of the trail if the sun is out on them. You have to step through some soft spots and rock hop only a tad to get there. So not much. I apologize for the mobile shots, but its all I had. Pictures:

    Looking up a crack on the leftern parts of the cliffs

    Buldging wall that seemed to overhang slightly as I recall.

    Looking up a very cool crack on the rightern part of the cliffs. Very cool indeed.

    The large cliff face, about 40 feet wide but I may be over/under estimating it, and it has been a while.

    Looking up part of the cliff. It fights the foliage all the way.

    The big face, on the corner between the right short steep section and the long left graduated height run.

    Same face, different angle. Lots of cracks and buldges and such.

    Looking up the right edge of the cliff from the bottom.

    Nice view after leaning through the thick spruce and firs to get the shot. We bushwhacked around. Lots of other smaller cliffs and small faces in the vicinity as well.