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  • Canoe splash cover

    I own a 12 ft Hornbeck carbon fiber solo canoe. Love the boat- weighs 14 lbs! On bigger lakes in big wind (white caps) it handles pretty well but regularly takes water over the bow. Not enough to need bailing, but enough to get me wet and cold. Hornbeck does not make splash covers (bow only) nor do they know a vendor.
    Anyone out there find a way to make or buy a bow splash cover for this boat?


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    Try Cooke Custom Sewing.


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      It is not difficult to make your own. It cost me some of my wife's leftover waterproof nylon fabric from another project and about $20 in snaps to fasten it down. If I did it again I wouid use 2" wide velcro, sewn and glued like I have done on other canoes up to 28' long.

      Without the cover, I found that the Hornbeck will bob up and over waves striking the bow, instead of cutting through and dumping water onboard if you keep everything centered as much as possible. I split my backpack into separate dry bags and put the heaviest under my knees, up and down goes the bow over waves, avoid broadside waves if posible, but that is what the cover is for.

      My 10.5' Hornbeck with home made splash cover, rolled dams are made with foam pool noodles with a wood dowel insterted for stiffness.
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        I made mine for my Rapidfire, and one for a friend’s 12’ Hornbeck (we abandoned a camping trip once because he took on too much water). Nylon fabric inexpensive, snaps, webbing, elastic, not much either. I used pieces of plastic irrigation pipe “bowed” across gunnels to make supports near seat to add shape and slope water to side. Bowed a stiff wire across gunnels closer to bow and stern. It doesn’t have to look good, but it takes time. Folds into tiny bag.

        It really helps with a loaded boat on rough water, and with high winds. A real safety thing for a canoe on Lk George too.

        Placid Boatworks has them for their boats - $250 on their website. Perhaps they can refer you to their source.


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          I also bought one of those from Placidboats for my Rapidfire. I am a commited single blade paddler 99.9% of the time in my PB RF. The only time I ever use a double blade is when it is required for use with the Rapidfire when entered in the 90 miler solo-rec class. The cover is necessary to keep high angle paddle drips out of the boat. I paddled next to another RF who did not have a cover and by the time we reached the end of Long Lake he had to stop to dump many gallons out of his canoe.

          In addiiton to Cooke, Redleaf designs makes covers as well. None are inexpensive, but home made is and not difficult. There was a woman known as the Bag Lady who made the PB covers, but I heard she sold her business to or now works for Redleaf. Another Adirondack lady and racer, first name Blanche, was also in the business of making custom covers.
          "Now I see the secret of making the best person, it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth." -Walt Whitman