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Paddling in Wilcox Lake Wild Forest?

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  • Paddling in Wilcox Lake Wild Forest?

    Is Cod Pond deep enough to be paddlable? The images I've seen from Caltopo suggest that it is closer to being a bog than an actual pond.

    Joe Pond appears smaller, but deeper.

    What about New Lake? It also appears paddlable from the images.

    How about the Fish Ponds?

    One thing I am learning about the Adirondacks is that the designations "pond" and "lake" don't necessarily mean what they suggest. A pond is not necessarily small or shallower than a lake.

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    Yes on all accounts šŸ˜‰

    Cod Pond is probably the shallowest of the four, but easily canoeable.
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      Iā€™ve paddled New Lake years ago with one the stashed canoes found around the pond. Actually had something fairly large bump the bottom of the canoe, which was not a log, stump, or rock. Still not sure what it was, but it was an obvious thud against the bottom of the aluminum hull. Rather strange really.


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        I can't comment on the Chupacabra of New Lake that Justin ran into, but oddly none of my New Lake pictures are in focus. šŸ¤”

        However, here's a few pictures of the other ponds on your list.

        Cod Pond. The shallowest of the four, but has a neat shoreline with lots of rocky points and easy launching at the designated campsite.

        2a CP - Copy.jpg

        Little Joe Pond. Easy launching at the two campsites. Very small. Takes 20 minutes to paddle around it.

        1t LJP - Copy.jpg

        Upper Fish Pond. Marshy shoreline, but OK launching at designated campsite. If you want to paddle to Lower Fish, be prepared for beaver dams.

        4b Kettle Mt - Copy.jpg

        Hope this helps in your planning.
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          Snapping Turtle?


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            Thank you everyone. This is great information. I'm looking at possible camping/paddling trips for next summer.


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              from my old notes:

              Is it possible to find peace & quiet on July 4 weekend? Well, yes... COD POND & STEWART CREEK. From Rt.8 in Oregon; Wilcox Lake Wild Forest. 1 mile carry to the pond, 1st 0.4 miles generally uphill & rough underfoot (so forget the wheels). Cod Pond is half covered with lily pads. The channel to Stewart Creek is obscured by pickerel weed. Upstream on the creek, we cross over some small beaver dams & then a big one. Arrive at rocky rapids, carry up streambed a ways & then bushwhack thru nasty woods, over downed trees, etc. 200 yds then another 200 yds on a little-used trail. Continue paddling upstream, over another big beaver dam, stream gets deeper & wider around North Bend, under footbridge then less than a mile to where the stream gets shallow & rocky. Take a rest & head back. Shores mostly wet & marshy, small mountains. Nice wilderness feel. Black ducks with cute little chicks, gb herons, swallows, beaver, leeches, snake(rat snake?). ā€‹