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  • Lows Update

    Hello all,

    Wondering if anyone has any intel on the Whiney Loop to the Lower Dam, or any updates of the individual bodies of water that comprise it.

    Looking to head out soon and greet the new crop of blackflies personally.

    Thank you!

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    I was in downtown Piercefield till yesterday at 5 and didn't see any black flies yet, but Lows and that area are in the southern end of the town, so perhaps the black flies would get there sooner. I hope you'll enjoy your trip. It certainly looks like a very pretty time of year to go and I hope to take advantage of it next year.


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      Was in the woods near Inlet today, a few of the early arrivers were flitting about. The first hatch of the season is not known to be nasty biters, but it means the hungry hoard is only a week or two away.
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        What are the trees doing?

        In western NY we've already had the red maples blossom and wilt - Silver maples are just starting to flower and cherries are starting to pop their leaves.

        I suspect the bugs will be out sometime after the sugar maples flower and pop their leaves.


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          Thank you for the replies - about what I figured.

          I had a thread from a while back with some great ideas about this trip. It's finally getting close.

          Montcalm, you had advocated for starting at Lows and going to LTL instead of the other way around, which I intend to do.

          Packing underway!